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The main landmarks of the evolution of mankind are closely connected with the qualitative change in the way and speed of information exchange — the appearance of writing, book printing, telephone and the Internet each time caused a tectonic shift in the life of society and brought it to a qualitatively new level of life. The contact center of the company that provides mass services is the main channel of communication with customers. The level of the company’s development and its place in the market entirely depends on the quality of its organization and speed of customer needs satisfaction, that is why the correct approach to opening a call center is one of the key success factors.

NOVA IT specialists have extensive experience in creating a call center from scratch. We can provide professional advice not only on technological aspects of implementation, but also help determine the organizational structure, work shifts, requirements for key performance indicators (KPI), whether to buy a call center or use outsourcing, etc.

For many years, NOVA IT company has been cooperating productively with world leaders in the call center industry Cisco, Omilia, Genesys, Verint, Zoom, Teleopti, etc. On the other hand, we are actively developing our products that extend the existing functionality of solutions and ensure the current business needs in communications with customers including web calls from the site, customer service in instant messengers (Viber, Whatsapp, Telegram, Facebook) and much more.

Cisco Call Center is a proven platform for many years, with a wide choice of solutions for both the SMB market (UCCX, from 5-operators) and Enterprise solutions (UCCE up to 10,000 operators), the key feature of which is high reliability and ease of integration with existing systems.

Contact center Genesys is the leader of the North American and European markets, which differs primarily in high capabilities of multi channel and rich functionality (the issue that in other solutions requires long tuning, it is often solved by “one click”), as well as the cloud solution PureCloud, which allows you to start up a call center in two days.

Omilia – a unique solution for recognizing natural speech in real time, which uses deep neural networks and powerful semantic engine to implement NLU IVR and voice chat bots. High results of the mixed Russian-Ukrainian language model and the creation from scratch of the Kazakh language model confirm that artificial intelligence can already be fully use din complex commercial projects.

Verint, Zoom, Teleopti are the leaders of the Gartner Quadrant in Workforce Optimization. Successful projects on speech analysis of recorded conversations have confirmed the possibility of 100% quality control and full monitoring of all business service processes, and the use of WFM has proven itself not only in the contact center, but also for employees of the back-office.


How to set up a Contact Center


NOVA IT specialists have certification in the technological areas of Cisco (UCCE, DUIC, UEIME, CVPI), Genesys (PC, PE) Verint (QM, SA, WFM, DPA), Zoom Certified Professional, conduct audits based on EN15838 standard and have practical experience in solving complex technological issues in the largest contact centers of Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia.

Creation of a call center is a complex project that includes processes, technologies, integration and organization of human resources, therefore requires extensive expertise in both technologies and business processes. Address to NOVA IT company and we will be happy to help you organize a call center, open a new site, add alternative communication channels or implement technologies that can significantly reduce operating costs and improve the quality of service!