Today’s statistics show that people no longer want to talk on the phone: 32% of people prefer chatting in comparison with telephone conversations, 51% of teenagers will prefer chat to telephone conversations even with close friends, the average Ukrainian spends 30 minutes a day on Viber and more than two hours on the Internet.

Keeping pace with the times, world technology leaders create tools that allow you to effectively communicate with clients in instant messengers. Microsoft has been developing its chatbot’s Microsoft Bot Framework for many years, with which you can automate most customer inquiries – from delivery status to ticket ordering. Using LUIS artificial intelligence technologies, it became possible to build NLP (Natural Language Processing) bots, and several years ago, at a conference, Microsoft introduced a new module – Cortana voice assistant. This is a bot that can recognize speech and communicate with other bots to perform its tasks. Having such an interlocutor on your gadget, you can ask him to remind you of planned activities during the day, as well as order food, a hotel, etc.

On the other hand, there are issues that require the participation of a “live” employee — for example, detailed consultation on a product, handling complaints, complex sales. An automation tool Nova.Chats is needed to organize such a communication, which has a rich functionality – separation of employees by skills, message queues, tagging of dialogues by subject, knowledge base, quality control and monitoring tools, reporting, formation of sales funnel, marketing activities and so on.

Microsoft and NOVA IT combined the advantages of both products by integrating the Microsoft Bot Framework and Nova.Chats, , which enabled companies to implement a full cycle of customer service in instant messengers, starting with the bot and ending with communication with a living person.

«Nova.Chats is a technology developed by NOVA IT specialists that allows to combine several alternative communication channels. The use of Nova.Chats is possible both in large and small organizations in any area of business, as practice shows. Companies communicate daily with a huge number of customers and process several tens of thousands of calls, often reducing the efficiency of the service. This is due to the heavy workload of contact center operators. The implementation of the Microsoft Bot Framework and Nova.Chats from Microsoft and NOVA IT made it possible to convert most communications into a chat. 70% of requests from customers were satisfied through self-service. This tandem greatly facilitated the work of contact center operators and increased the efficiency of customer service according to our customers.»

Such a union has added the capabilities of a voice assistant, allowing the “live” operator to form a request — if the bot cannot complete the task for some reason, it forwards the request to online chat and the “live” operator helps in resolving the issue. The revolutionary point is that now sales staff can create sales funnels, marketing campaigns without programming, and using the visual interface of Nova.Chats through all channels available in the Microsoft Bot Framework.

This solution allowed to increase the efficiency of bots and maximize the use of online services.