Feedback from Tatyana Vasilenko, Head of Consumer Relations, COMFY

COMFY is the first omnichannel retailer selling household appliances and electronics in Ukraine. This dynamically developing retail chain has become an example to follow and has managed to provide its customers with excellent service in the chain’s stores and online. The secret of success and the main value of the company is the professionalism of the team and the implementation of bold marketing solutions.

COMFY launched outgoing IVR calls to assess the quality of delivery of goods in conjunction with the «NOVA IT», team last June. It was decided to use the most simplified method of the survey, in order to save customer waiting time and optimize the company’s costs.

Tatyana Vasilenko, Head of Consumer Relations, COMFY noted the following: The survey method used has a high response, this is explained by convenience: all that the client needs to do is to press the button with the number to select the necessary answer. Automated dialing is much cheaper than operator’s, and the data obtained is easy to digitize and analyze. All this makes this method most effective for simple surveys.»

COMFY used an efficient tool for organizing outgoing IVR calls with the help of the «NOVA IT» team. And in practice, proved the effectiveness of the selected survey method.