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The usual dialogue instead of a complicated menu or sophisticated commands, prompt answers instead of waiting on the line … The chatbot already gives odds to other types of interfaces today and continues to develop. We tell why it is no longer possible to do without it, and what features should be considered when developing.

Interface as a way of interaction

We cannot take electricity from the air. In order for the computer to work, you need to connect it to the network through an additional link: for example, an outlet and a power supply. If you explain this in a programming language, then the outlet can be called the interface through which the user – the person – interacts with electricity.

When a client interacts with a company, the interface is any intermediary: a website, a phone or a chatbot in instant messengers by analogy with this example.

Chatbots and their benefits

According to the forecasts of the consulting company Juniper Research, in three years chatbots together with other natural language processors will save businesses $ 8 billion a year. The similar figure in 2017 was only 20 million.

The reason for this lightning-fast growth is the convenience for both customers and companies. What is it expressed in?

  1. Chat in the messenger is always at hand and in order to contact the company, the user does not need to look for the website address or download the application. The number of actions that need to be done to contact is reduced – which means that it will be easier for the client to choose you, and not competitors.
  2. Chatbots allow organizing instant messengers a “invisible” home screen, which lends itself to complete personalization. You can find out the balance and deposit funds to the account, read news, track the status of the order and set up reminders. Companies only need to integrate chatbot commands with internal systems and the client will be able to receive useful information in one place.
  3. Messengers give access to the full history to both the user and the employees of the company. This firstly, increases the responsiveness of feedback. And secondly, the client can rewind correspondence at any time and remember the necessary information.

First step

If you don’t have a chatbot, start with a simple one: configure it in the bot designer Nova.Chats. Such a bot will work on keywords and send responses to customer requests in accordance with them.

The main task in this case is to register all possible conversation scenarios and choose the right keys. However, the bot can (and should) be regularly updated in accordance with the reactions of customers, as well as configure the forwarding of complex calls to the operator.

The implementation of even the simplest chatbot automates part of the work of operators and frees up their time for more complex requests. The bot can not only solve some of the problems of customers, but also collect preliminary information for subsequent transmission to the operator. In the “chatbot + operator” combination, work efficiency increases.

Translation difficulties

Chatbot features are limited by its specifics: it is not always able to recognize natural human speech. Therefore, situations where the bot does not understand the user is not so rare. This happens because the “natural” language during programming does not always preserve its naturalness: in a live conversation, there are references to the context and linguistic nuances. The keyword-based chatbot is not able to recognize these details.

Problems can be avoided by connecting artificial intelligence to call processing. For its operation, there is no need to manually prescribe dialog scripts. Virtual assistants learn on real-life chats and are able to perform a wider range of tasks:

  • evaluate the complexity of treatment;
  • predict the situation and prompt the client with solutions to the problem;
  • analyze documents and pictures;
  • classify objects;
  • constantly self-learning, replenishing the knowledge base with new messages.


The conversational interface gives customers the opportunity to communicate in their usual language and optimizes work in the company. You can process more applications by adding such an employee, and fewer operators will be required for this. You can process more applications by adding such an employee and fewer operators will be required for this.

Hybrid communication is becoming more and more popular. In 2021 80% of companies will use bots according to Business Insider. And that means that soon they will turn from an advantage to a necessity. Catch the trend!