The best way to maintain customer loyalty today is an automated chat center in instant messengers.

What is a chat center for?

Channels for online communications are widely used in financial institutions. But, not every bank today boasts a convenient chat center. Every day receiving and processing a large number of incoming calls, employees of the center of communications and sales of banking services need the help of online bots. Chatbots can not only cope with significant amounts of information, but also save on costs.

Why do customers need a chat center?

The advantages of using the chat center by customers are obvious:

  • The ability to quickly receive information without visiting a bank branch or making a call to a call center.
  • The ability to receive information of whatever nature from account balance to document templates.
  • The ability to be in touch with the bank at any time and from anywhere in the world.

Why is a chat center convenient for banks?

  • The self-service menu can close up to 30% of calls without the participation of operators. Pre-written scripts for simple typical situations can offload operators and speed up response time.
  • Sales tunnels are designed to “heat up” the customer. The operator assigns tags to the visitor after consultation, which allows the system to automatically bring it to the stage of signing the contract.
  • Chatbots make contact center operations more efficient, while reducing staff costs.

Natural Speech Recognition Technology

Speech recognition technology is capable of analyzing dialogs and predicting further developments. This system can communicate with the client almost like a living person, only much faster.

How to use it in the banking sector?

Download the archive of previous conversations and add new examples to the database. This will allow the system to analyze possible dialogue options and in the future to predict various solutions to problems. The system itself can choose the most suitable option for a particular client after learning. Nova.Chats Business Chat Center offers off-the-shelf integration with Omilia’s Natural Speech Recognition Technology.

In-house connection

When connecting financial institutions with third-party services, the question always arises of the confidentiality of personal data. Especially for this, there is an in-house chat center connection format. This means that the service runs on bank equipment, excluding access to private information by third parties.

Comfortable employee training

Create a bot and enter in it all the necessary information for a new employee. During the specified time, training messages will automatically be sent to his messenger. Set up the learning process once and train the entire staff.

Why choose a Nova.Chats chat center?

The open API makes it possible to integrate the chat center with CRM systems and other banking programs. The modular architecture of the service allows you to create personalized improvements. In addition to the available functions, we refine the solutions individually for the clients’ tasks: we are ready to connect new instant messengers, introduce functions, configure integration and look for new solutions.

Write to us to test the service and develop a personalized work scenario!