Stop for a minute and don’t think about your productYou did a great job creating it. What’s next? Without an appropriate level of service, your services will be unclaimed.


Our hero is the Bank, which offers its customers quality service in the best European financial traditions.

Input data

  • The Bank’s communications center is scaled to 200 jobs.
  • Established on the Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise industrial platform.
  • Multi-level security infrastructure.
  • All systems are implemented on a single platform, according to approved standards.


The task is to build new multimedia communication channels with the Bank using popular communication methods among customers.

How to start building communication through chats and instant messengers?

Tip number 1. Provide a regular flow of calls

The primary task is to make the flow of contacts stable and constant.

Use all available channels: receive customers via email, instant messengers and social networks.

Result: We have added widgets, instant messengers and chats to the used channels of the Bank. We placed them on a corporate website, adhering to all Brandbook standards and security requirements.

Tip number 2. Combine several communication channels into one structure

One client likes to talk on the phone. The second is conservative and would prefer to send an e-mail. The third one spends all the time in instant messengers, and it is easier for him to write on Viber, Telegram or Facebook. Communication channels are now diverse and you have to be in time everywhere: otherwise customers will go to competitors with whom it is more convenient to communicate.

Therefore, combine the relevant communication methods for your customers in a multi-channel contact center.

Result: We have created a single workplace for a contact center employee. Now one operator serves several clients simultaneously on different channels. The advantages of this method of communication are obvious:

  • saves the bank resources;
  • increased employee productivity;
  • flexible routing of calls;
  • it is possible to connect several groups at the same time.

Tip number 3. Optimize your work with automation

It doesn’t matter to customers whether you work or go on vacation. They want answers to their questions late at night or right at the workplace.

  • Set up auto-replies – short messages that you automatically greet written customers.
  • Design a self-service menu. This is an analogue of IVR telephony for instant messengers. The client selects the desired item and receives an automatic response that contains information on the issue of interest to him.
  • Create a chatbot. This is a more complex auto-response mechanism that works by identifying keywords in a client’s message.
  • Connect widgets on your website. This will help to transfer site visitors to the ranks of leads.

Results: We have plans to launch a speech recognition system. The chatbot will be able to respond to customer requests and will automate simple tasks and reduce customer service time.

Tip number 4. Collect statistics and analyze results

What can be analyzed? First, ask customers if they like everything, for this use the quality assessment function. Use cross-cutting analytics. This method combines sales channels and shows how resources are spent.

Result: We have accumulated the received data and various kinds of information in the system. Successfully applied in further work and helped the Bank become closer to its client.

The organization of a high-level service requires labor and investment. It is important to properly allocate resources. Do not economize on product quality and service level – they are the cornerstone of success. Design a system of communication with customers – then the clients will come to you, bring in new ones, and the costs will be fully recouped.