Companies with many customers always on the lookout for new ways to streamline processes. Today we will talk about how the territorial distribution of services can improve the quality of customer service.

Our hero is one of the largest banks in the country, which offers a wide range of standard and modern banking services. It occupies a leading position in the quality of service in the Ukrainian banking sector.


Our task was to divide a single contact center, built on the basis of the industrial platform Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise v11.6. The geographical division of the communications center into two remote sites should increase the fault tolerance and catastrophic stability of the systems, as well as improve the security of the communications center as a whole.


We carried out the most difficult task of designing two remote sites at a distance of 500 km from each other at the initial stage.

We were able to during the project:

  • separate the system clusters used in the contact center, including the Zoom recording system and reporting modules;
  • significantly increase the availability of the contact center for customers, even in the event of a failure of communication providers;
  • deliver Cisco Outbound Option distributed resilient service;
  • evenly distribute the load between the sites.

The bank received an additional bonus due to two independent sites:

  • increase in jobs for operators in different regions;
  • resistance to force majeure and disasters;

Individual approach:

This project was the first to separate sites built on the basis of Cisco UCCE at such a distance in Ukraine. In addition, it was this method that helped the Bank optimize processes in the contact center. The reports on loading each site designed by us helped to understand to Bank analysts how much each of them is disposed of and quickly react to any abnormal deviations in the work of the distributed contact center.

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