Business organizations have increasingly to pay attention to the daily growing requirements for serving their customers. Regular expansion of customer interaction options is an important criterion for successful collaboration. It is customer preferences in choosing communication channels with company employees that shape the future development strategy of a modern customer service center.

What do your customers want?

Same as we are with you! Communicate using convenient messengers in your smartphone for any questions and from anywhere in the world. Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook Messenger, Instagram – and this is not the whole list of popular instant messengers. That is why you should pay particular attention to the PureConnect and PureCloud product line of Genesys, a leader in cloud and inhouse solutions for interacting with customers. At the same time, don’t ignore the innovative product Nova.ChatsConnector of NOVA IT, which allows you to connect all popular instant messengers to the contact center from Genesys and not only.

How to create effective business communication with the client?

Choosing Genesys PureConnect! A platform that allows you to communicate with the client through any traditional communication channels (telephone, email, fax, SMS), or through modern channels of social networks and instant messengers. Thus, allowing you to naturally and simply bring customer interaction to a fundamentally new level of engagement and loyalty. Genesys PureConnect is a mature, reliable, flexible and easily manageable product in the field of customer interaction. Easy integration with existing IT systems of the Customer makes Genesys PureConnect the most attractive customer service system for businesses of any size.

Is there a business case in Ukraine?

NOVA IT is an experienced certified partner of Genesys in Ukraine. NOVA IT is actively promoting and implementing PureConnect and PureCloud solutions from the world leader Genesys in Ukraine and abroad.

The representative of NOVA IT, Alexander Topor spoke about the benefits of implementing the Genesys PureConnect platform for the contact center of Alfa-Bank Ukraine Customer.

«The comprehensive solution Genesys PureConnect for multi-channel customer service was successfully implemented in the contact center of Alfa-Bank Ukraine by the NOVA IT team. The team of engineers NOVA IT carried out seamless integration of the Genesys PureConnect operator’s workplace with the Siebel Customer’s CRM system using the rich configuration tools and the Genesys PureConnect software API. Now all calls coming from the online chat, corporate mobile application, Viber messengers, Telegram, Skype, Facebook Messenger get to the contact center employee in the unified operator’s workplace and are processed by the usual methods in the CRM system. An additional important advantage of the implemented implementation of Genesys PureConnect in Alfa-Bank Ukraine is the transparent integration of Viber, Telegram, Skype, Facebook Messenger channels with a chat bot from Omilia. Five years ago it was difficult to believe in this, but today a living operator in simple and not so simple questions is successfully replaced by the intelligent robot Alla, built with the help of tools from Omilia. Phone calls, chats, messengers – Alla from Omilia successfully copes with customer service on all channels, 24/7!

We continue to actively expand the capabilities of the Genesys PureConnect, PureCloud and PureEngage platforms With the help of the engineers of the NOVA IT team. For integration with instant messengers I recommend to pay attention to the product Nova.ChatsConnector from NOVA IT. For partners available Demo connection. Contact us, we will be glad to help you optimize and solve the most non-standard business problems of interaction with your customers!»

Alfa-Bank Ukraine is a Ukrainian commercial bank with international capital, which is part of ABH Holdings SA (ABHH). It occupies a leading position in all segments of the Ukrainian market and is in the top 10 in terms of assets.

«The decision of Genesys PureConnect has already been used by the Bank for several years, shared Ivan Koval, head of the development department of the Contact Center of Alfa-Bank Ukraine. – We were able to make bank customer service in our communications center more efficient with the help of Genesys PureConnect. We managed to attract a new audience of visitors to our site by introducing a product that allows you to realize preferences for interacting with customers of banking services. Thus, we were able to increase the number of customers and reduce the cost of their service. A great advantage of the PureConnect platform from Genesys for us was the ability to integrate with other bank information systems, especially CRM Siebel

For more than 15 years, NOVA IT has been actively involved in the development and adaptation of innovative technologies for customer service systems in the Ukrainian market and abroad. As a result, a unique expertise, customer confidence in NOVA IT, high appraisal of engineering and technical qualification by the manufacturer Genesys.