The new format of online communications on the example of JSC “OTP Bank” in Ukraine

Living in an era of the rapid growth of the IT industry, we are increasingly paying attention to the fruits of its revolutionary development. Now each of us can easily imagine a car coming into motion without a driver or a conversation in the contact center with a voice bot. Total robotization has become a reality in various business areas around the world.

The creation of innovative technologies in the field of communications has allowed gadget users to purchase additional tools for real-time communication. As a result of the massive use of instant messengers, text messaging has become one of the most sought-after forms of communication among the public. For many of us today, it’s much easier and faster to use the messenger than to make a phone call to solve personal or business problems.

Customer-oriented companies, taking into account this fact, began to introduce software products for online communication with their customers. The use of tools such as chat bots allowed organizing channels for sharing information through popular messengers. As a result, companies got the opportunity to become much closer to their customers.

Today digitalization of business plays an important role in the strategic development of financial organizations. OTP Bank, which is part of the OTP Group, has become one of these organizations introducing artificial intelligence within its structure. Today, the group serves 12 million customers and has 1,500 institutions in countries such as Hungary, Ukraine, Albania, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Serbia, Russia and Montenegro. OTP Bank has been operating in the Ukrainian market since 1998 and has a reputation as a reliable and stable structure that provides European quality services to clients.

To date, OTP Bank has successfully applied technologies in its contact center to provide online communication with the bank in Ukraine. The first step in the implementation of this task was the introduction of a voice bot named Lesya, built on the basis of Omilia’s natural speech recognition technology. The service has successfully established itself, and today Lesya independently services more than half of the telephone calls from customers without switching the call to the operator. The bank didn’t stop there and decided to complicate the bot’s task – to teach it to communicate with customers in chat rooms.

The next important step was the integration of the bot Lesya with an online chat, which built on the basis of the product Nova.Chats. This tandem allowed customers to get a convenient online communication channel with the bank using the most popular instant messengers. Moreover, OTP Bank together with the NOVA IT сteam were able to provide their customers with the opportunity to make calls through the bank website from anywhere in the world. The client only needs to have access to the Internet and any gadget with a headset to make a call. The bank managed to accomplish this task using the Nova.WebCalls, built on the basis of the Web RTC. technology. This technology can be called one of the most advanced today, as it allows to provide a convenient service for communications with a high level of security.

Vladimir Ryazantsev, Head of the Information Center of OTP Bank JSC, spoke about the advantages of using artificial intelligence in chat rooms: «Considering the market trends and preferences of our customers, we decided to organize chat support as a new channel for quick and convenient communication. Having applied the natural speech recognition system, we managed to create a bot that is able to understand and respond to non-standard customer questions and provide the necessary information through popular instant messengers. Every day the popularity of this channel is increasing, which once again confirms its relevance among our customers».

Oleg Tretyak, Project Manager of the implementation of the chat-bot OT Bank JSC shared the results of the implementation: «We launched an online chat at the end of December last year. Thanks to the well-coordinated work of the team, we were able to track down and eliminate all the difficulties encountered by users when communicating with a chat bot in Telegram, Viber, Facebook and chat on the bank’s website in a short period of time. We were able to provide our customers with quality service and the ability to communicate with the bank, without interrupting their usual activities».

Online chat with a natural speech recognition system is actively used in the banking industry worldwide, thereby increasing the efficiency of customer service.