To date, Nova IT LLC with the Service Desk company have completed the next stage of the project on the development of voice technologies for the BPS-Sberbank Contact Center. The project team successfully launched a voice biometrics service based on the Nova.Voicebiometrics – an automated verification of the client’s identity by voice.

BPS-Sberbank OJSC is one of the largest banks in Belarus in terms of assets. The net profit of the bank in 2018 in the NSFS amounted to 109.4 million rubles with a return on capital of 19.4%. The amount of the regulatory capital of the bank amounted to 707.1 million rubles, an increase in 2018 to 40.9 million rubles.

The Bank’s Contact Center is a multiple winner of the Crystal Headset international professional competitions (Russian Federation) and Dzwinner (Ukraine), the holder of the ISO 18295 (International Institute of Certification of Contact Centers) international industry standard certificate.

The main shareholder of OJSC BPS-Sberbank is PJSC Sberbank (98.43% of shares).

The active growth of the number of requests with the need to confirm the identity of the client to provide confidential information influenced the decision to implement this technology. The use of voice biometrics has reduced the authentication time, and also increased the security of services provided to customers due to the capabilities of the recognition technology of the unique physiological characteristics of the voice. The bank was able to serve customers faster thanks to the optimization of the identity verification process, along with the likelihood of queues on the line.

The principle of operation of the BPS-Sberbank solution is to create a voice standard of the client and the ability to confirm the client’s identity by voice on subsequent calls.

How does the automated voice verification system work?

At the beginning, the client contacts the Contact Center of the Bank, if there is agreement on the processing of personal data, a voice model of the client is created – a digital file that takes into account the unique characteristics of the voice. Further, on subsequent calls, the system, by comparing the client’s voice with its voice reference, automatically authenticates the client. If the result is positive, the operator voices the necessary information to the client without specifying additional parameters. The system works in the background and does not affect the consultation process.

Using the service saves time, improves the convenience and security of customer service. It takes only 10 seconds to record a voice model, the same time it will take authentication at subsequent calls.

Today the process of speech recognition has moved from the entertainment rank to the area of serious industry solutions. The use of voice recognition module is another confirmation of this. A person actively applies and improves voice technologies, adapting them to solving not only simple everyday tasks, but also to making decisions in complex business processes. These solutions create for us a new digital future and become its integral part.