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Live chat is an opportunity to conduct dialogue with customers in real time. However, you should not take it only as another means of communication. The potential of live chat is much wider.

How does live chat work?

You install the chat widget on the relevant pages of the site. The client sees the widget, clicks, shares basic information about himself (name, phone number) and writes his question. The operator receives the appeal and processes it in real time.

Four ways to use live chat:

  • to support customers in need of help;
  • to increase sales: encourage operators to hone equipment, offer additional products to increase the check;
  • to get new leads: get personal information from the client via live chat and use this data for further communication, for example, through targeted advertising;
  • for business and marketing analysis: assign tags depending on the topic of the appeal, conduct polls and track which pages the customers access.

The benefits of live chat:

  1. The people who write to you are still online. To call or write an e-mail, the user has to leave the site. When contacting via live chat, the request will be as relevant as possible, and the client – as warm as possible.
  2. Live chat runs on desktop and mobile. Moreover, the user does not need to install a special application – as, for example, for instant messengers.
  3. One operator can process several chats simultaneously. This situation is basically impossible in a call center. So, you cope with the same number of calls with fewer hands.

Useful features of Nova.Chats live chat



Firstly, marketers will appreciate the feature: it will come in handy when analyzing lead sources and to increase site conversion. For example, if half of the calls come from the same page, you should think: maybe users do not have enough information on it? The text is written incomprehensibly? Few photos? With statistics, making spot corrections will be much easier.
Secondly, URL tracking increases the speed of operators. Assign human-readable URLs to site pages: employees will see which pages users are accessing from and will respond more quickly and specifically.

Self-service menu

Employees no longer have to answer typical questions: combine the self-service menu with automatic answers, and the program will answer frequently asked questions.
Operators will only process atypical calls, and you need fewer people to work with the same number of customers. And, therefore, reduced wage costs.

Another way to use the self-service menu is to distribute clients among specialists depending on the topic of the call. For example, a current customer with a technical problem will go to technical support, and a new user who has a question about products will go to the sales department. It turns out a kind of division of labor, which will positively affect the speed and quality of processing applications.

Customization of appearance

Online chat Nova.Chats can adapt to the appearance of the site. Choose your own picture for the background, design color from your brand book, if necessary, use the avatars of the operators. Live chat will organically fit into the site design and will not look alien.

Quality control

You can collect feedback through customer surveys. After completing the chat, you can ask the client how satisfied he is with the communication, whether the operator helped solve the problem. With the help of surveys you will evaluate the work of employees, find out better than your customers and be able to quickly correct a mistake – after all no one is immune from them.

Broaden your horizons!

Do not put a restrictive label on live chat. He is able to become a powerful tool for promotion, sales and analysis. See for yourself – set up an live chat Nova.Chats. We provide the service completely free.