HelpDesk service is designed to interact with the IT department. Nova.Chats allows you to expand the existing functions of the service and organize customer support through popular instant messengers.

What is HelpDesk?

HelpDesk is a service for automating the Customer Support Center. The customer leaves a request in the system and company employees process the request.

Until quite recently, the classic channels for receiving applications were email or a feedback form on the site. To date messengers have become the most popular and convenient communication channels. Communication applications are used by almost all smartphone owners.

How does HelpDesk work in instant messengers?

The client finds HelpDesk contacts and writes his question, for example, in WhatsApp ™ on the website or on the advertising screen. Support Center operators, upon receipt of a request will be able to immediately consult the customer on technical issues, provide assistance with choosing a product on the website or accept a complaint.

HelpDesk can also be used internally. If some equipment breaks down in the office or a light bulb just burns out, it’s enough for an employee to write in a chat. The operator will accept and forward the request to the appropriate service for troubleshooting.

Why do customers and businesses need HelpDesk?

Business and customers have the opportunity to:
1. Increase the speed of processing calls.
What factors influence?

  • Access to all dialogs in a single window;
  • The ability to prepare auto answers;
  • Connect the self-service menu and configure the chatbot.

2. Accumulate all customer requests in one system.
What features can be used?

  • Connect and configure work with the existing CRM-system;
  • Connect an auto funnel for working with clients;
  • To analyze the work of operators and customer satisfaction.

3. Increase customer loyalty to the product and the business as a whole.
What is the advantage of the Support Center in messengers?

  • Positive attitude towards the brand;
  • Feedback from the company;
  • Prompt resolution of the issue.

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