How to scale sales of their products and services?

Today this question has become relevant for the owners of many companies. The answer may contain several points, but one of the most important will be the optimization of the work of sales staff. In large business structures a significant part of the time of this unit is spent on collecting data on potential or existing customers, completing documentation and performing administrative tasks. As a result, there is not much time left to focus on its main activities.

What solution will help your employees focus on core tasks?

Create a virtual employee – an intelligent bot, who can answer customer questions and perform time-consuming tasks with low priority. The use of artificial intelligence will increase the level of efficiency of the sales department allowing you to be in touch with potential and existing customers at a convenient time for them.

How does the bot work?

Alla Bot in the sales team of Alfa-Bank Ukraine is a vivid example of the successful application of an intelligent bot in direct communication with a client.

What tasks does Alla perform?

  • Calls the client and clarifies whether it is convenient for him to talk
  • Resents the product line of the bank
  • Works with objections
  • Offers alternative products

*script recording a conversation with the bank client and bot.

The capabilities of a modern intelligent bot are not limited to one or two functions. It can provide information to your customers about a product, service or recommend a similar product that the customer did not pay attention to before. But what is especially impressive is that the bot is able to analyze data from previous conversations, purchase histories of each of the clients and, based on this, correct the conversation.

*script recording a conversation with the bank client and bot.

In addition, a modern bot at the end of a conversation can make outgoing calls to clarify any information, for example, the date of payment of the loan.

*script recording a conversation with the bank client and bot.

What results have been achieved?

Valentina Yarosh, director of the remote service and sales department at Alfa-Bank Ukraine, shared the results of the bot’s work: «Our team is always in search of new IT solutions for business. Bots today have become an integral part of the development of the communications market in our country. We created an intelligent bot for our bank named Alla by using voice technologies from the Omilia company together with the specialists of the NOVAIT company.

Alla is doing well with her tasks. I will give examples of efficiency. One of the functions of the bot is to make a call to the client and set the time for the next communication. Of the 53,000 calls made, 91% ended with a welcome conversation, and 40% of customers agreed to the subsequent dialogue. Alla made 17,000 calls to customers in the case of the sale of bank cards. Of these, 94% answered, 26% during the conversation expressed interest in the product and issued an application for a card – 6%. Thus, the use of an intelligent bot in our sales center allowed us to increase the efficiency of our employees».

The company NOVAIT specializes in building contact centers from scratch and is the only Omilia representative throughout Ukraine and the Republic of Belarus. NOVAIT specialists conducted a number of successful implementations using speech recognition technologies from Omilia in the largest banks in our country and abroad.

Are you still looking for new employees to improve the efficiency of the company?

Our experience shows that creating your own intellectual bot with the NOVAIT team is the right decision!