What is the difference between working in an aggregator and working with instant messengers directly? First of all, in the aggregator, it is convenient to build business processes. Here are a few features that you might not have guessed about, but that could improve the quality of your work.


Segment your audience using tags!
How to correctly build work with a client base? It’s already difficult for you to navigate the preferences of customers, when there are many customers, All you need to do is segment your client base and work with each group separately.

Benefits of using tags:

  • Statistics on the right customers or calls;
  • Automatic assignment of chats to operators or groups of operators;
  • Launching a sales funnel;
  • Launch of any marketing campaigns.

Using tags transforms Nova.Chats into a kind of internal CRM system that stores the entire history of communication with customers. You can group customers or dialogs according to specified parameters using tags (region, language, industry, funnel stage, responsible manager, etc.).

Quality control

Offer the client to evaluate the work of the operator!
You can use the “quality assessment” function of the operators after completing the dialogue. The rating scale is in the form of numbers from 1 to 10, a finger up or down, or any other emoticon.
Having received the results through statistics, you will quickly identify problem areas. And you will find out how well the operators work. Based on the data obtained, it is easy to build a staff motivation system.

Operator Groups

Group operators from several departments!
If the customer needs technical advice: a question will be assigned to the technical support group. The system itself will determine which of the operators in the network, and appoint an employee based on the degree of qualification and workload. Groups can be assigned automatically through the self-service menu or manually by a supervisor.
And most importantly, the whole process will happen automatically, the operators only need to do their part of the work and transfer the chat to the next department. This speeds up communication within the company.

Self-service menu

Transfer customers to the self-service menu!
The self-service menu has long been common in contact centers. The same opportunity is implemented in instant messengers. A visualized chat bot in which you build a tree of questions for the client and specify the answer inside. On average, 30% of customers transfer to the self-service menu. And in some cases, the employment of operators falls by 2-3 times.
An additional plus of the function is that even if the client as a result transfers the dialogue to the operator, he will come already warmed up, as he received the initial information from the self-service menu. The processing speed of applications will become less.

Nova.Chats is a platform that is constantly evolving and updating. We have free and paid features that will make sales and customer support in instant messengers more convenient and easier.

Write to us through the widget! We will select the optimal functionality that will meet the needs of your company.