What are the trends in e-commerce market?

Forecasts of experts in the field of retail indicate that the growth of e-commerce will continue for the next few years. This is easily explained by the increase in the number of trading websites and online shoppers around the world. Online stores of various sizes and locations have opened their online storefront to consumers from virtually anywhere in the world. The best deals on price and quality have become available to each of us.

How to get the goods from the online store of another country?

The emergence of companies that provide online service for organizing purchases in various countries, has allowed buyers to expand the boundaries of shopping. Pick It UP is one of the leaders in purchasing and delivering goods from the USA and Europe. For more than 9 years buyer-service allows its customers to purchase quality products from the largest online stores. Assisting customers in obtaining unique and high-quality items at affordable prices is the main task of the Pick It UP professional team.

How to expand the functionality of the online service using Nova.Chats?

The most popular channel of communication with customers today is Viber and Telegram according to Manoylo Konstantin, the Director of Pick It UP. Almost half of requests are received via instant messengers, which makes them the most popular tool for communicating with Pick It UP clients. It was decided to implement the product Nova.Chats from the company NOVA IT for the convenience of receiving and processing orders. This online communications tool allowed merging calls from customers via instant messengers or email into one unified interface. Pick It UP managed to expand the functionality of the online service by providing a single channel of communication for its customers based on the results of two years of use of Nova.Chats.

Nova.Chats is the only product on the communications market that allows to connect instant messengers using a regular phone number. The company is able to track and store the history of communication with both existing and new customers, while maintaining information in a single customer base.