A review about Nova.Chats from NOVA IT by Ilya Mogilny, the head of TURBOINSTA

The company TURBOINSTA specializes in online business promotion in Instagram. The main task is to attract the audience from the Internet and social networks. The company’s experience and specialization gained in the field of online promotion made it possible to analyze the market and the audience most effectively. The data obtained allow you to make the most detailed content plan, taking into account the specifics of the client. The optimal setting of targeted advertising and regular analysis of the promotion guarantee the customer to attract new audiences and increase sales.

Ilya Mogildya, the head of TURBOINSTA, said: “The site is the initial entry point for our customers. Where the customer can get acquainted with the list of services and feedback on completed projects. The customers often use email, BRIEF on the site or phone call for communication. The use of chat bots made it possible to customize the communication process from the usual messenger to the client, for example: Viber or Telegram, to online communication with a personal manager. The customers, and of course we ourselves, appreciated the advantage of chatbots over other communication channels. Today chat is the main and most sought-after communication channel for us.”

TURBOINSTA was able to organize a convenient and efficient online service for technical support of existing customers with the help of NOVA IT specialists and Nova.Chats technology, what influenced the increase in the flow of a new audience and allowed to sell more.