NOVA IT Company has implemented Nova.Chats solution in the online store for instant messaging with clients via popular messengers

Katkova Marina, CEO of Lady Shop, about Nova.Chats solution – an online store of professional cosmetics, which provides not only the choice of the right product, but also to get expert advice on its use.

Web chat in was used for a long time. I will not say that it was superfluous, but it had no significant influence on sales. Our main customers conduct their own business occupying key positions; the second segment is the mothers in the pregnancy decree. All those are busy and, in a hurry, conversations on the phone are not convenient for them, and it’s impossible to guess their free time. We found a way out, how it is more convenient to keep in touch, and started using not only an online chat on the site, we tied it up with social networks and instant messengers – this was solved by Nova.Chats solution. This increased the number of interactions and orders.

The second important thing for us is communication with customers. Since we specialize in selling professional cosmetics with individual selection, it is important for us to communicate with clients quickly and easily (to send a link to the recommended product, live photo, ask a clarifying question, suggest an alternative, etc.)

The market goes to the fact that customers do not have time and desire to rummage through thousands catalogs and choose goods. People specify the prices and order products on the photo through the instant messenger of their favorite social network or fill out a questionnaire for selection and get a decision from us. And the main goal of business is to provide such convenience for each client. Cooperation with the company NOVA IT helped us to increase the percentage of sales and to improve communication with our clients at their own messengers.