NOVAIT Company implemented Nova.Chats solution in mTax Company for instant messaging with clients via messengers

mtax is a modern personal professional accounting service for any business in Ukraine.

To increase the effectiveness of interaction and the quality of mtax, customer service, NOVA IT Company deployed a Nova.Chats solution, which provides a chat center for communication mtax with their clients through messengers and social networks. The solution supports reception and transmission of text, photos, video and location, auto-responses and Сhatbot functionality, transfer of chat rooms between operators and other functions.

As a result, mtax clients have the opportunity to receive information about terms of tax payments, promotions and offers of the company, to register in convenient business messengers such as: Viber, Telegram, Facebook Messenger.

In addition, a unique currency Bot is always ready to give the current NBU rate.

mtax is a company of professional accountants for business, who work for their clients online for 24/7. mtax is the partner of large financial enterprises: “Oschadbank. Build your own” and “Tascombank”.