Unexpected personal congratulations on the New Year from the chairman of the board of Alfa-Bank Ukraine

There are many different ways to interact with the client to date. Congratulations on holidays through e-mail is one of them. Thus, you emphasize the importance of the client, but in a world where everything changes daily, it’s hard to surprise someone with traditional e-mail congratulations.

Therefore, Alfa-Bank Ukraine decided to resort to a more modern and interesting method. Would you think that Chairman of the Board will call you personally to congratulate the New Year? No? And in vain! Miracles happen, especially in the New Year!

Alfa-Bank managed to surprise its customers with a creative and very unexpected congratulation with the help of company NOVA IT and the use of technologies based on Web services and Cisco. Thus, provoking a positive response.

One of the reviews:
“Thanks for the cool and unusual congratulations! Manifestation of creativity, especially in the financial world – a rarity, and you did it! Continue in the same spirit!!” (note – the author’s spelling and punctuation are preserved).

What was the idea?

Usually, greeting e-mails are quickly viewed, for the reason that people do not expect to see something special. Realizing that this letter will be one of many, and it can easily turn out to be in the “Spam” folder, Alfa-Bank’s Ukraine specialists set themselves the goal to provide not only emotional satisfaction to customers, but also to increase the so-called E-mail Open Rate (EOR – Further) – a rate of the open letters.

That’s why, Alfa-Bank used Nova.VideoGreeting (a modern technology that combines the possibilities of telephony and the Internet).

Having selected 3 groups of customer-recipients (regular customers, Internet bank users, as well as customers who make 2 or more transactions per month on a monthly basis), and by selecting the heading “The most unexpected congratulation for the coming new year”, an active mailing began.

The bank customer receives a link to the video greetings in e-mail. The chairman of the board of Alfa-Bank Ukraine calls in the middle of the video to the person who watches it, which creates the effect of personal treatment specifically for him. What is especially striking is the close-up of the phone screen of the chairman of the bank’s board, on which the client’s name, surname and phone number are visible.

NOVA IT, specialists, who have extensive experience in the call-center industry, have helped to realize this with modern Web technologies (JavaScript, ajax) and advanced functionality of Cisco IP IVR. The project also includes integration with Siebel CRM was implemented to record the results of the viewing – who, when looked at, watched the video to the end, picked up the phone, etc.

Ivan Koval, head of development department of Contact Center: «Alfa-Bank Ukraine always strives to be at the peak of innovation and use new technologies in customer service. With a team of NOVA IT we have implemented a unique project and were able to surprise our customers by combining traditional telephony and Web technology.»

What results did it bring?

Analyzing all the collected statistics, we can conclude that the results have exceeded all expectations!

  • A modern and creative approach in the form of congratulations with the use of Nova.VideoGreeting interested the bank’s customers and the opening of letters (EOR) exceeded the previous ones, which indicates the correctness of the decision to use this technology.
  • Forecasting approximately (12,000) video views and (10,000) calls to customers, they eventually received (13,652) launch and (12310) calls.
  • (89%) of customers watched the congratulation to the end.
  • More than a hundred positive feedbacks sent indicate a successful dispatch. At the beginning of the article one of them. Mentions in social networks also talk about the success of the campaign.
  • Using Nova.VideoGreeting demonstrated that with the introduction of modern technologies and creativity, you can increase the emotional loyalty of customers and, in addition, update the client data in the CRM system.