What is voice biometrics?

The growth of personal theft, as well as the desire of companies to provide secure access to their customers information as quickly as possible, have made “voice biometrics” the best solution for protecting data. Voice biometric data is a convenient authentication method using voice prints. Voice recognition technology or voice authentication analyzes a person’s voice to verify their identity. The respiratory tract and cavities of the soft tissues, as well as the shape and movement of the mouth and jaw affect the structure of the voice and creating a unique “voice imprint”.

With the help of voice biometrics it is possible to:

  • Authenticate customer without annoying security issues
  • Solve customer requests faster
  • Reduce average call processing time (AHT) by 30 seconds or more
  • Deter most scammers
  • Significantly reduce losses from fraud and account hijacks.

Nova.VoiceBiometrics Solution:

The NovaIT team has extensive experience in implementing voice authentication solutions in the largest organizations in the Ukrainian market and beyond. Today our company is also a developer of the Nova.VoiceBiometrics voice biometric system. This solution allows you to quickly and easily integrate voice authentication into IVR, call center, corporate and mobile applications.

In the contact center:

  • Authentication of incoming customer calls on IVR and in a conversation with the operator, outgoing calls
  • Employee authentication
  • Blacklisted voice identification
  • Cross-channel: the client is registered through the mobile application, and verified through the traditional telephone channel.

In the mobile application:

  • Authentication when entering the mobile application
  • Voice verification during transactions.

Support for all scenarios:

  • Identification / authentication
  • Text-dependent / text-independent
  • Telephone channel 8 kHz / microphone 16+ kHz cross-channel
  • Anti-spoofing / microphone 16+ kHz
  • Different levels of security for different operations server / mobile solution.

Nova.VoiceBiometrics is specially designed for customers in various industries throughout our country and neighboring countries. This solution is well-known today due to the introduction in one of the largest banks of the Republic of Belarus.

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