An exemplary support staff member is one who works around the clock and without pay. Nova.Chats has found the perfect employee and is ready to integrate it into your business. Integrate speech recognition technologies to handle calls through instant messengers.

Omilia’s Natural Speech Recognition Technology is a computer program with live human capabilities. It is able to perform specific actions, analyze dialogs, predict options for customer behavior. This is a technological solution that works much more accurately than its counterparts.

The benefits of such an employee are clearly visible when processing large amounts of data. Natural speech recognition technology will help to scale business processes without increasing staff and will be useful for:

  • financial structures;
  • logistics, marketing, telecommunications companies;
  • medical centers and insurance organizations.

Even advanced artificial intelligence will not be able to completely replace communication with a “living” person. Customers, in any case, will ask atypical questions. However, there are still benefits to using speech recognition technologies.

Analyzes information

Speech recognition technology is able to analyze a request based on predefined scripts and archive messages. It is able to analyze information and identify typical and atypical cases. In the future, each new message is added to the database, and the responses become more accurate.

Allows you to predict

Speech recognition technology will allow you to predict possible dialogue options based on previous experience. It will choose from the message archive the most, in its opinion, the most suitable solution to the problem and will offer to use it.

Works around the clock

Operators have to pay for their work at night and on weekends. Speech recognition technology will help to solve most of the issues on their own, as well as deal with atypical situations by accepting a message to work.

No waiting on line

An exemplary employee will not make the client wait long for an answer and will be able to quickly solve the problem. An ordinary operator is able to respond to a limited number of people. So, the more calls, the more employees you will need. Speech recognition technology will be able to increase the loyalty of your customers, helping them successfully complete the dialogue.

Will give a marketing advantageо

In addition to technical bonuses, voice recognition technology is able to attract a large audience and new customers who are ready to receive support from the humanoid bot.

Connect Omilia’s speech recognition technology to call processing at Nova.Chats.

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