Our client, Priorbank, shared the news about the completion of the first phase of the project to introduce a voice assistant, which replaced the traditional button IVR in the contact center.

“Good afternoon, my name is VIK, how can I help you?”

Today, customers who call the contact center of one of the largest commercial banks in Belarus hear just such a greeting in the handset.
Why do we need a virtual voice consultant and what functions can he already perform?
We share with you the successes of our client, which can be repeated.

Initial data

A virtual consultant is an artificial intelligence built on Omilia’s speech recognition technology. Our team specializes in building contact centers from scratch and is the only Omilia representative throughout Ukraine and the Republic of Belarus. NOVAIT specialists conducted a number of successful implementations using Omilia speech recognition technologies in the largest banks in our country and abroad. To date, we have launched an intelligent assistant at Priorbank who can answer customer questions and perform labor-intensive tasks with low priority.


The virtual consultant today allows the client to save time and not to wait in line for connections with the operator. He can provide the Bank’s customers with information about the account balance, inform about the technical work or call the customer back after the dialogue with the operator is completed. Very soon, the virtual consultant will be able to answer questions about loan debt, the balance of the main debt, check the status of the card, and also cancel incorrect attempts to enter the PIN code. The technology of voice biometrics will be used to confirm the identity of the client with whom the integration is currently underway.

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