And her name is Lesya! There is a new agent in Call center of OTP Bank

ОТP Bank introduced a new functionality for customers – an intelligent IVR, capable of automatically recognizing the human speech. Developed together with the NOVAIT company, smart robot-employee of the contact center was named Lesya.

Despite arising of new interaction channels, the phone remains the main channel of communication for customers. According to polls, about 75% of respondents communicate with service providers through telephone communication. And exactly the telephone contact quality and issues solving determines the level of satisfaction and the marking client experience.

Robot “Lesya”, working under the Natural Language Understanding (NLU) technology, replaced the classic IVR in ОТP Bank, in which the client had to press a number of buttons in the tone mode to route the request. Accordingly, on the one hand, it was required the client time and patience, which is not always enough, and on the other hand it was fraught with the risk of erroneous routing of the call. Now Lesia, which is constantly learning and improving, understands and automatically processes the client’s request from the first sentence, and helps to get an answer quickly, while the client commits a minimum of actions.

In addition to a practical solution that saves client’s time and effort, Lesia has also introduced a positive psychological effect in the communication between the bank and the client – alive and attractive female voice is in itself a positive start to communication.

«”In the choosing name “Lesya” we tried to combine the rational with the irrational, the ideological with the practical. Firstly, this is the Ukrainian name, which is associated with our glorious poetess. Secondly, this short and euphonious name, which is pronounced easily to save the customer’s time, does not contain heavy consonants, setting up a good communication” commented Vladimir Mudry, a member of the board of ОТP Bank, who lead the retail business.

“After the introduction of speech recognition functionality in the ОТP Bank, the call handle time to the moment of receiving the necessary information by the client is on the average 30 seconds. At the same time, “Lesya” is constantly improving, mastering new requests. The robot “understands” both Ukrainian and Russian, and if she does not know the answer to the question, she knows exactly which employee can help the client.

To make sure of the convenience and usefulness of the new communication format with ОТP Bank simply call the Information Center number 044 490 05 00.

Public Joint Stock Company OTP Bank is one of the largest domestic banks, a recognized leader of the financial sector of Ukraine. The Bank provides a full range of financial services for corporate and private clients, small and medium-sized businesses. In the Ukrainian market it has been presented since 1998 and has a strong reputation being a socially responsible, reliable and stable structure that offers consumers services of European quality. His owner is the largest Hungarian bank OTP Bank Plc. In Ukraine, ОТP Bank acts as the leader of the OTP banking group, registered by the National Bank of Ukraine, which also includes OTP Capital Management LLC and OTP Leasing.