People will desperately “fight” with robots in the near future. And those, in turn, will increasingly “take away” from people their desire to become robots.
Give scientific and technological progress to carry out routine work in your place. The virtual hands of bots and computer programs will allow you to direct your ability to perform more complex processes and tasks. Speech recognition technology has not been fully mastered by us yet, so many myths are born around it.
Let’s figure out what is actually a myth and what is reality!

Myth № 1: speech recognition technology can completely replace a person.

Reality: the system is not able to completely replace a person, because even the most intelligent program ultimately controls by the person. The system really can be taught to perform certain actions faster than a person. But the computer cannot work on its own. Why? Change at least one condition and the system will fail.

Myth № 2: speech recognition technology can perform only simple actions.

Reality: the system can perform not only simple and uniform actions, but also more complex tasks. Forecasting and classification skills allow the system to become a full-fledged assistant for employees of various departments. The ability to analyze large volumes allows the program to assess the situation and offer the most suitable solutions. The system can be taught to offer the operator the most accurate answers based on practical examples of his colleagues.

Myth № 3: chatbot is a solution for simple tasks.

Reality: chatbot is a simple program that is able to find keywords in the text. Having found them in its database, it can send pre-prepared answers to clients. It is possible to make a bot intelligent using natural speech recognition technology. Using such a system, the chatbot will be able to process human speech and analyze dialogs. Such a bot can hardly be called simple.


Myth № 4: extremely large amounts of data are required to train speech recognition technology.

Reality: at the initial stage, when the system still does not able anything, of course, large amounts of information may be needed. But if you need to adapt the technology to your needs, then there will be no need for databases with a huge number of dialogs. Before introducing the technology into your business, the development company will conduct a preliminary training of its system. You just have to adjust the general knowledge of the system in accordance with the specifics of your company.

Myth № 5: my business doesn’t need to use speech recognition technology.

Reality: in order to say so, you should first conduct a market analysis and study the capabilities of the system in your industry. The implement of speech recognition technology will help automate some of the processes in the company and make your business competitive. The use of technology will result in further sales growth and increased customer loyalty.

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