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Automation frees up operator time and saves resources. В Nova.Chats provides three levels of customer response automation. Each will be useful in its own way and some will even replace live communication.

Auto Answer

Automatic responses are pre-configured and sent to users when certain events occur. The client receives this message at the first start of the chat, at the end of the chat or when using the self-service menu.

Variables are added to the answers – name and time of day. Even automatic communication will become personalized and lively with their help.

A self-service menu is connected to the function. This is a set of buttons or ready-made answers with user-friendly navigation based on the most common queries. The user selects the desired menu item, sends a command to the chat and receives an automatic reply with the requested information.

With auto answers you can:

  • automate the processing of applications;
  • reduce employee costs;technical support and sales;
  • register users for webinars;
  • conduct surveys.


Auto answers are available to all users of the paid version. To create them go to “General Settings”.


The user is exploring the site. He has a question about the product, and he writes to the operator through the widget. The user receives an automatic greeting in response, which contains a request to wait for the operator to connect. This gives the employee time to complete the previous dialogue and the lead will not be lost due to the delay.


An advanced automation mechanism that opens up additional possibilities in Nova.Chats. Scripts specify the algorithms of actions that will be performed when specified conditions are met.

With scripts you can:

  • evenly distribute the load between operators;
  • send automatic responses not only in response to an event, but also when keywords are detected;
  • distribute those who wrote on different channels depending on the topic of the appeal: customers who have a technical question will get technical support, and users with questions about the goods will be sent to the sales department.


Like auto answers, scripts are available to users of the paid version. They are configured through the section of the same name in the Settings menu. Both our and your developers can prepare the script code. Paste it in a special field and mark at what events the script will turn on.


The user wrote in the chat a question: “How much does delivery to Kiev cost?” The script starts the analysis of the message: it identifies the keyword “costs”, determines (“delivery”) and the city (“Kiev”), and then sends the requested information in response. Thus, the program processes typical calls and questions requiring live communication are redirected to operators.


The third level of automation is robotic programs that are able to analyze calls, identify keywords in them and run action algorithms in accordance with the result. A finely tuned chatbot can sometimes completely cover the necessary issues and, in fact, replace operators.
We set up chatbots in all popular messengers in Ukraine.

With the chatbot you can:

  • revive marketing campaigns;
  • process visual and voice information – for example, read information from a picture or decrypt a voice message;
  • generate invoices and closing documents;
  • communicate with the client without resorting to the services of operators.


Nova.Chats provides a constructor for chatbots – with it, you can easily configure the algorithms and keywords yourself. The chatbot configuration can also be ordered from us.


Chatbot for marketers. This is a program that collects statistics and conducts surveys. Configure the question-answer form that the client will receive after the dialogue ends. You will learn the preferences of the audience and the reasons why the sale did not end.

Chatbot for sales. The client wants to order the goods, and the chatbot fills out the lead form with information: on which day delivery is needed, at what address to bring the purchase, what will be the payment method, etc. With this form, the operator will quickly confirm the order this will save time and reduce the number of operators required to close the same number of transactions.

Get the most out of it!

Choose one of the described automation methods or connect three at once. Automatic answers, scripts and chatbots work separately and at the same time: they work in different situations and are aimed at solving different problems.