Three quarters of customers who have reached the contact center remain unsatisfied with operator service. The customer wants to get a quick answer to his question or an operational solution to the current situation. We were able to help businesses solve their unsatisfied customer issues with Verint solutions.

We’ll tell you how it works and what results were achieved.

Our hero is one of the largest banks in the country. The NOVAIT team together with the employees of this bank maintains a contact center based on the Cisco Unified Contact Center Center Enterprise industrial platform. Today, about 400 operators receive tens of thousands of calls daily.

How Verint Solutions Work

  • Verint recording is a recording system that is able to collect, index voice, video and text conversations on several channels. Close integration with the Cisco contact center complements the recording of conversations with the necessary accompanying data (customer information, data from CRM and others), which allows you to quickly find the necessary information and compile various analytical reports
  • Verint Speech Analytics is a speech recognition system that allows you to transcribe and analyze 100% of recorded calls. The solution automatically recognizes the meaning of speech and helps to extract invaluable information, assess trends and key reasons for calls. The data obtained using speech analytics is visualized in interactive reports and helps to quickly make the right management decisions to improve the quality of customer service and business in general

As is common customer service in the contact center

The client requested to the bank with a question or problem and expects to receive a quick and high-quality response. What does the operator do? He conducts a dialogue and offers solutions, using the data and internal information systems at his workplace. Simple questions are handled quickly. But! The operator often needs more time and the help of colleagues to work out the issue. Here are some examples of the reasons for long calls:

  • Re-contacting to CC – 99% of such calls require additional time to clarify the results of the previous call.
  • Information system flaws that increase the search time and the provision of information to the client
  • Insufficient qualification of operators.
  • “Evasion ” the work of operators – to reduce the emotional burden of working in contact centers, operators often resort to various tricks that increase the time for customer service.

As a result of “protracted” calls, the cost of a contact center increases and customer satisfaction falls.

Yes and the contact center in banks is not only “customer support”. There are units that “make money” on calls – this is soft collection and telemarketing. It is very important to hear the client correctly and follow a pre-prepared communication scenario, use the right persuasive words.

The issues described above cannot be resolved by reviewing the reports of the contact center or by listening to thousands of recordings of conversations. It is no secret that in large contact centers with a dedicated quality assessment department, up to 1% of records fall into the analysis.

What we offer

Using the Verint Speech Analytics system, we translate 100% of the records into text, which the system analyzes in detail using the built-in mechanisms of neural networks. Records are assigned categories, topics, key reasons for calls are determined. The system assesses trends and predicts the growth or fall of a particular category of calls and words that are spoken in the contact center.

It is possible to identify systemic problems and “broken” business processes in the work of the contact center and the entire organization as a whole with the help of speech analytics. This tool will allow you to accurately make management decisions to reduce costs and improve the quality of service.


Our client’s experience with Verint Speech Analytics is a prime example of what can be achieved with this technology.

The project to implement a new version of Verint v15.2 with an improved speech recognition module was successfully implemented by the NOVAIT team and bank employees over 4 months. And here are the changes that have occurred in the contact center statistics after 6 months of working with speech analytics:

  • Repeated calls reduced by 3 times
  • Reduced the number and average call hold time
  • Systemic problems were identified in the Bank’s website, which allowed to reduce the number of calls to the contact center in this category
  • Minimized gaps in the knowledge of operators and their tricks for “evasion” of work to a minimum
  • As a result – reduction of the average service time by 45% (direct reduction of costs for the contact center!)
  • Increased customer satisfaction when contacting the contact center
  • Identified risk zones for the outflow of customers and identified methods to counteract this.

Separately, we should talk about the results of telemarketing and collection departments:

  • We conducted a deep analysis of the sales script, identified weaknesses and selected the right words for working with objections. This allowed to increase the number of appointments with branch managers by 11%.
  • For the collection, weidentified the main reasons for refusing payments and the tendency to change them. Also found the most convincing words to work for each of the reasons and, as a result, increased the % of loan repayments using the tool for comparing successful and unsuccessful calls.
  • Improved scoring model for underwriting division.

The bank chose Verint solutions to improve business operations in its contact center. And also to obtain a more effective return on investment in technology.

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