«Write to us, we will contact you!» – this phrase can be found in widgets of many online sites. It is important to catch every visitor to the site using the opportunity to contact the client right now. A widget for instant messengers will help create instant contact with each visitor to the web site and increase the percentage of potential customers.

What is a widget?

This is a technological solution that performs certain operations. It can be an icon that the client clicks on and choosing an icon of available applications, prints a question.

Nova.Chats supports all known messengers and social networks in Ukraine: WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Telegram and others.

Why exactly is the widget?

This is popular! In 2018 the most popular instant messengers in Ukraine were: Viber and Telegram. But other applications are not far behind, in the TOP of the popular are WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook.
Today, people are more open for written communication than for oral communication.
Therefore, using the widget, you can easily be near your customers in their comfortable apartments or on the way to work.

It is convenient! The widget is easily integrated and located on the necessary pages of the site. The messages of each visitor are stored in the archive, creating a database of new and existing customers. In the future, this base can be used for various marketing events.

It is technological! It will be possible to save money on paying salaries to operators by organizing communication with customers through chatbots.

What processes can be automated?

Using the widget it is possible:

  • Create automatic greetings in the form of scripts or connect a chatbot to communicate with a client online.
  • The sales process by creating an automatic funnel. By writing typical scenarios to frequently asked questions from customers, an auto funnel in tandem with a chatbot will respond to user behavior and lead him to purchase.

What are the benefits of Nova.Chats?

  1. Nova.Chats works with the most popular instant messengers in Ukraine – Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp
  2. Nova.Chats is tracking URLs. This data boosts landing page conversions and helps marketers explore the market.
  3. It is possible to organize the correct operation of widgets in all browsers and with any site, whether it be WordPress or 1C-Bitrix.


  • Moneyveo
    It is possible to organize alternative communication channels with Nova.Chats using the currently popular messengers among the Ukrainian population: Viber, Facebook and Telegram. Online communications allowed the company to transfer about 70% of its customers to self-service. This reduced the cost of maintaining the call center and brought economic benefits to the business as a whole.
    Find out more here.
  • ULF Finance
    For a short period of using online chat (a month and a half) out of 30 effective chat requests, 5 clients applied for leasing. You can immediately provide the client with a payment schedule, quickly answer to all questions during correspondence. It is convenient, it is fast, and most importantly – the client does not have to wait long.
    Find out more here.
  • Do you want to create your own case?

    Select Nova.Chats, features to help you solve your business problems. The first connecting element with visitors to your site will be a widget!

    Or try the widget on the client side. Write to us through the icon in the corner of the screen and make sure that it is very convenient!