Interactive Intelligence Group, Inc (NASDAQ: ININ) Company is a global developer and provider the contact center solutions, unified communications and business process automation to help the medium and large organizations automate theirs services.

The company was founded in 1994 and currently has more than 1,400 employees and 5,000 customers worldwide. Interactive Intelligence completed 2012 with an annual revenue of $237.4 million in the absence of debts.

Interactive Intelligence products and solutions are:

  • Contact centers are in the leaders of the Gartner Quadrant. They have a single platform for all types of interactions: calls, chat, email, fax, sms, outgoing calls and so on. The solution has the biggest set of functions, fault tolerance, etc. According to the CRM magazine research – they are number 1 in 2012 and outpace the same leading products from Cisco, Avaya, Genesys.
  • Unified communications is a solution for unified corporate telephony. The basic functionality includes, calls, presence, voice mail and fax processing with built-in integration to the Microsoft Lync solution and most popular existing business applications in corporate environment.
  • Business Process Automation is a unique and cost-effective solution for the automation of different business processes that uses proven contact center technologies to collect information, prioritize, route, monitor and manage the workflow throughout the entire life cycle of the services.

Omilia is the world leader in natural speech recognition (NLU) in contact centers.

Omilia’s DiaManT is an omni-Channel Dialogue Management platform that combines the process of customer self-service and at the same time allows customers to freely communicate in natural language, without navigate through complex menus and option trees. It reduces the contact centers costs: eliminates the errors in transfers to skill groups of operators, reduces on 30% the conversation time and automatically serves up to 70% of customers without the transfers to operators.

Omilia provides a full range of technologies: SIP IVR, deepASR® (Automatic Speech Recognition Technology) based on deep neural networks, which serves to transform voice into text, innovative NLU engine (deepNLU®) and Dialog Manager which has repeatedly won awards in international contests.

DeepNLU®: Omilia has developed a more advanced NLU technology that is able to recognize the full meaning of a user’s speech in the context of a particular business profile. Omilia does a lexico-grammatical analysis of the text, parses the semantic of the text, and uses a program that performs a logical conclusion from a pre-built database of facts and rules. As a result, high accuracy is achieved in understanding the natural language.

The accuracy of speech recognition and understanding by deepNLU® technology is over 90% in business profiles such as banking and telecommunications, and the ability to determine the number of unique recognized topics exceeds 1000, while other solutions achieve less than 80% of accuracy and categorization of 50-90%.

Contact centers with implemented Omilia solutions (Vodafone, Alfa Bank, PirauesBank) have achieved following:

  • Reduction of transfers between operators on 90%
  • Reduction of call drops on 50%
  • Reduction of average talk time on 30%
  • Increasing of automation up to 100% -200%
  • Increasing of customer loyalty (NPS) up on 30%

Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) is the world leader in the network technologies, that changes the ways of human interaction, communication and centers have been at the forefront of the market for many years, more than ten thousand sales worldwide and Russia confirm the high quality of Cisco software.

All important functional components of Cisco Contact Center such as the automatic and intelligent call distribution (ACD), the interactive voice menu (IVR), the computer telephony integration (CTI) with integrated operator’s and supervisor’s workplace are on the same server.

In the context of unified communications, Cisco offers a whole range of products:

  • Cisco Unified Communications Manager (IP-PBX);
  • Cisco Unity® Connection (Unified voice mail);
  • Cisco Unified Presence (highly secure exchange of presence and instant messaging (IM) information between Cisco Unified Communications and other applications);
  • Cisco Unified Provisioning Manager (automation of the administration process for life cycle all system applications and devices within a simple web-based user interface);
  • Cisco Unified Computing System™ (UCS) (data center platform that unites compute, network, storage access, and virtualization into a cohesive system designed to reduce total cost of ownership).

Verint® Systems Inc. (NASDAQ: VRNT) is a world leader in solutions to optimize customer service, data collection for analytics and security, human resources planning, and fraud protection. Today, more than 10,000 companies in more than 180 countries (including Ukraine, Belarus and Russia) use Verint solutions to improve the efficiency of enterprises and improve security in general.

Verint solutions contain a complete package of tools that help companies improve the interaction with customers, optimize business processes and workforce to increase loyalty, revenue and reduce risks and manage operating costs.

The Company’s strategy is to provide a single intelligent unified solution that allows to increase functionality based on a single core.

Verint offers a whole range of products:

  • record calls and screens;
  • recognition, analytics and categorization both speech and text data;
  • voice biometrics and protection from fraud;
  • analyzing and automating the work of employees with applications (DPA);
  • planning and optimization of human resources (WFM);
  • integration with leading telephone platforms and contact centers (Cisco, Genesys, InIn, etc.).

ZOOM International is the world leader in the field of solutions for recording conversations and screens in contact center, as well as managing the quality in general.

ZOOM creates solutions based on the concept of supporting contact center operators. The main idea is to provide the access toperformance data, feedback, evaluation and exam results for each operator. Thus, ZOOM solutions in the best way can increase the motivation and concentration of employees at work.

For more than 12 years, ZOOM has been producing software solutions for call recording and quality management. It has 8 offices worldwide and headquarter in Prague. ZOOM solutions are used by more than a thousand companies in more than 90 countries, including Ukraine, Belarus and Russia.

ZOOM offers a product line on a single platform:

  • call and screen recording (CallRec and ScreenRec);
  • speech recognition and search by keywords (SpeechRec);
  • quality monitoring for operators (Quality Management);
  • customer feedback (Voice of the Customer);
  • E-learning and coaching;
  • Performance Analytics;
  • integration with leading telephone platforms and contact centers (Cisco, Genesys, Avaya).

Teleopti Group is a leading provider of solutions for strategic optimization and strategic personnel management (WFM). For more than 20 years Teleoptihas been leading its successful business and has clients in more than 75 countries.

Nils Bildt and Marita Bildt, founded the company in 1992. The company is renowned for developing advanced and user-friendly solutions based on client requirements. Hundreds of enterprises around the world rely on Teleopti to achieve optimal operational efficiency in their contact centre in order to provide the highest levels of service to their users.

Teleopti WFM is a world-class Workforce Management solution that encompasses all that you need to optimize the staffing and customer service across your enterprise. Teleopti complete solution supports optimization of your contact center, back office and even branches and stores. Teleopti provides everything necessary to effectively manage staff, forecast demand, create schedules automatically, develop accurate and insightful reports and improve overall customer service operation.

Teleopti offers the following WFM solutions:

  • WFM for contact centers;
  • WFM for back-offices;
  • WFM for branch offices and remote offices.

3CX Ltd is a developer of an open-standard, software based IP phone system 3CX , that works with popular IP Phones and SIP trunks using SIP, WebRTC, HTTP technology. 3CX Ltd company has offices all over the world: USA, Western Europe (Germany, UK), Hong Kong, South Africa, Australia. Head office – Nicosia (Cyprus).

IP-PBX 3CX company was founded in 2005. 3CX can work with all popular software and hardware IP phones from worldwide known manufacturers, can be deployed whether on premise or in the cloud, and can be used for business from small to Enterprise level.

The 3CX – platform functionality provides the most advanced UC capabilities for customer service channels: call center, mobile office, audio and video conferencing using WebRTC, seamless integration with third party systems and much more.

The main advantages of 3CX for business::

  • optimal cost of implementation and support;
  • ease to use and manage of provided functionality;
  • support for modern technologies and standards, allowing employees to be always connected (video-conferencing based on WebRTC, unified communications, presence, chat, save on your phone bills by working through internet);
  • high quality customer service (integration with modern CRM, Click2Call implementation out of the box);
  • multiplatform (apps available for Android, iOS, Windows, Linux);
  • deployment whether on premise or in the cloud (Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Amazon EC2);
  • seamless integration with leading telephony platforms and contact centers (Cisco, Genesys, Avaya).