Messengers Nova.Chats

Multi-channel messaging and online chat service

Nova.Chats – is anunique platform that aggregates messages across all channels: WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Telegram, SMS, Vkontakte, Instagram and online chat, which are served automatically by chat-bots or by operators. The solution works as a cloud service and does not require any deployment and installation costs, meanwhile corporate clients can deploy the solution locally In-House to provide the highest security requirements.

Nova.Chats  is the only product on the market that allows you to connect the Viber and WhatsApp channels to your regular phone number and get unique features:

You can see the mobile numbers of customers who write to you

You can interact with an existing customer base

You can write to customers who have never written to you

It is easy to place the multi-channel widget on your website and start receiving messages right now:

There are widgets for WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, VKontakte, Facebook, Live Chat and SMS. Look at our widget in the corner of this screen, it’s example of the widget.

Our solution allows you to get instant messaging in your business. Now you can use any communication channel – Telegram for customer service or get feedback via Viber, WhatsApp for new orders or Facebook for resolving complex issues.

The uniqueness of the solution lies in the fact that regardless of what channel the client uses, the message will always come in unified operator’s interface according to rules and will write into a single database of interaction history. Using the API and script engine you will be able automate any task or create your own chat-bot, and once written the bot will automatically start working in all channels.

Imagine – the bots in Viber or WhatsApp, at the same time. If you need to change the business process – you should change bots once in one scenario and the system changes them in all channels at the same time. Now you can proudly say that you have corporate messengers for working with customers and you can fully control the quality of service.

They already use Nova.Chats:



Communicate with customers on WhatsApp, SMS, Telegram, Viber, Facebook, Vkontakte


Support for up to 100 operators and administrator account


Agent states: offline and online with the appropriate automatic response to the client


«Make call» feature in the contact center


Transfer photos, videos and location


Transfer chats between operators


API for integration with your system


Live broadcast of all chats


Assign employees to chat


A mobile application for monitoring and control


Automatic personal response to the client. Example: “Good night, Helen! Thank you again for contacting us. Now after hours so we will reply to you in the morning”


Quick Templates. Example: / e — to quickly send information about your client address


Scripts and chat bots. Example: Send # 1 to find a balance, # 2 to connect to the operator …


Statistics and chats exports, bulk download all chats, etc


Integrate messenger for the local network via the API (Jabber, Lync, etc)

Advantages for Customer:

It takes less time. No need to wait on the line, an asynchronous communication mode

Confidential (nobody hears what you type)

Chat is free, especially in roaming

Multimedia. The ability to send and receive picture, video, location: it helps to solve the problem

The context remains in the messengers. Ability to continue the correspondence after a while

Advantages for Company:

One agent can server up to 7 concurrent chats

Ability to continue the communications after time (you can continue with customers new dialogs)

Reduced peak load of contacts, since chat does not require an instant response (which is allowed in a few minutes delay)

This means a significant reduction in the cost of customer service compared with traditional call centers

Use cases of using messengers in busines:

Orders and delivery through messengers

Appropriate to beauty salons and online stores, garages, taxi services, health clinics, fitness centers and so on.

Customer Support through messengers

Effective for Internet service providers, telecommunications services providers, shipping, tourism and insurance.

Feedback and customer surveys through messengers

Actively used in retail, services and service delivery, cafes, restaurants, transport and state services.

Providing advice through messengers

Help of the consultant when choosing a product or service, assistance to tourists, providing legal and insurance support in the financial sector.


Telegram channel
30 USD per month

Viber channel
30 USD per month

WhatsApp channel
55 USD per month

30 USD per month

1 One agent seat +15 USD per month

NOVAIT Company invites you to try the solution Nova.Chats right now!

  1. Write to the number +38 095 325 16 69 in WhatsApp/Viber, Telegram-bot or Facebook
  2. Sign up and sign in. In the “new chat” folder you will see your message.
  3. Click on chat and reply to a message