Call from the site Nova.Webcalls for Genesys PureEngage

Calls for Genesys PureEngage

It’s quite natural, when a customer, during choice a product on the site or trying to make an active operation on a card, wants to be able to communicate with the company directly from the site – by telephone call (Nova.Webcalls) or in a chat (Nova.Chats). From this moment, customers who visit your site can call you directly using only a computer, just place a button on the site “Call me from the site.”

Traditionally, in WEB-browsers on the PC there was no built-in support for audio / video calls from the site, so all had to use third-party plug-ins, and on mobile platforms (Android, iOS) all had to develop their own mobile application.

The limitations of such solutions were:


Large App sizes (for downloading via the Internet), with big requirements to resources and slowness


Permanent security problems with plug-insв


Regular updates needed


Difficulties in installation
(neccessary rights on the PC, compatibility, etc.)


No supports for all platforms


Restrictions when working with NAT/Proxy

As an alternative solution, the WebRTC standard was developed:


This is a non-commercial project that allows you to use a modern web browser as a full-fledged unified communications terminal using simple JavaScript


WebRTC is an API developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) for 7 years


WebRTC allows you to make a call from the site (voice / video calls) inside the browser without using any plug-ins or third-party clients


Built-in WebRTC security

Another problem faced by many companies with a long history is that: they already have a Contact Center or telephony solution that operators use to handle calls and it is undesirable to deploy one more solution for the web-calls service from the site.

Therefore, NOVA IT has developed a solution that integrates with your current contact center using standard SIP technology, which automatically allows the contact center operator to service the sip call from the site in a single window with traditional calls, and the manager to receive statistics or to listen to calls in the same reporting and recording systems as traditional calls do.

The “call from the site” service has successfully proven in the integration with:

Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise

Cisco Unified Contact Center Express

Genesys PureConnect

Genesys PureEngage

Advantages for your Customers:

Service call from the site free

An easy and safe way to get contact center support anywhere in the world

No need to install plug-ins or third-party software

Direct connection to an operator groups (without the IVR) and, as a result, a quick and effective solution of the issue

Works with almost any device

Advantages for the Company:

Webcall service embeds communication opportunities on the Company’s web page

Reducing the “0800” and short dialing numbers costs to the contact center

Authentication and extended information about the user and call context

DTMF transmission and the ability to interact with IVR services

For the Contact Center, the WebRTC call will pass transparently (like a normal phone call). As a result, a unified queue for receiving multimedia messages from customers and unified reporting

Low consumption of hardware resources in comparison with analogues

For the Contact Center, the WebRTC call will pass transparently (like a normal phone call). As a result, a unified queue for receiving multimedia messages from customers and unified reporting

Supported browsers:

Version WebRTC Platform
Chrome/Chromium 23+ Yes Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, MacOS
Opera 18+ Yes Windows, Android, Linux
Firefox 22+ Yes Windows, Linux, Android, MacOS
Bowser 0+ Yes iOS, MacOS
Safari 11.0+ Yes iOS, MacOS

Starting with iOS 11.x version, our “call service from the site” also supports WebRTC on Apple devices.

The hardware and software requirements:

The customer provides the hardware (servers) according to the requirements in the table below:

WEBCall Server 1 2 4 40 1

Software requirements:

ОС: CentOS/Enterprise RedHat Linux 7 32/64 bit

Solution architecture (Cloud Network Sheme):

To deploy the solution “call from the site” needs:


1. Server running RedHat Enterprise Linux 7 or CentOS 7


2. Domain and SSL certificate for this domain name. For testing, you can use the free certificate from Let’s Encrypt center, but the certificate will have to be renewed every 3 months


3. Open 443 port for access to the server


4. The SIP trunk or UA from customer side to receive incoming calls

Security of “call from the site” service:


Encrypted Voice traffic (SRTP)


SRTP (Secure RTP) – Voice traffic is protected using encryption and authentication algorithms AES_CM_128_HMAC_SHA1_80


SRTCP provides feedback on lost packets and statistics


Signal traffic is transmitted via HTTPS. Protected by the TLS encryption protocol


The possibility of built-in authentication


Modern browsers – reliable and secure applications

Supported codecs and protocols for “call from site” service to sip:

Client support for NAT / Firewall


Call service Nova.Webcalls provides the ability to exchange media traffic between the server and the client in case they are behind NAT and Firewall


The service also provides support for client in roaming, when during the established connection the client device has switched to another network (switching WiFi to 3g, for example)

Supported audio codecs:


Narrowband audio: G.711


Wideband audio: Opus

Supported video codecs:



NOVA IT provides free pilot projects for this product so each customer can test the functionality of the solution and integrate it with the existing Contact Center.