Authorization service via call NovaIVR.Pass

NovaIVR.Pass – it’s a service for authorization of the person
by phone number through the call instead of SMS

Today, fraud in the global network is a common thing. Attackers use the most sophisticated schemes to take access to people’s money, documents and other sensitive data. In addition, data – both money and personal information – are increasingly stored in cloud services.

Obviously, the login and password for performing serious operations is not enough. For the security of data transmission over open networks, the better thing is to use technologies of reliable client authentication by calling instead of SMS. Using SMS to send one-time authentication codes through the unsecured SS7 protocol which has many vulnerabilities may jeopardizes users who receive such codes. Therefore, today many companies refuse to authorize via SMS and switch to more secure technologies. Service NovaIVR.Pass is a such technology. The method of protection is based on the use of a telephone call. The service of personal identification via a call is similar to verification by SMS, but the code in this case is transmitted by the system using a call on the user’s number. Voice calls allow not only to automate the verification of identity, but they also may to combine with other services in a single high-quality service.

NovaIVR.Pass is a quality service for your business and your customers’ confidence in security. It helps you to establish direct contact with customers and form a reliable client base.

NovaIVR.Pass protects the algorithm of autorization from the overloads associated with cyberattacks which use automated requests from spam machines. The system developed by NOVA IT analyzes the dynamics of authorizations, shows information about the delivery of calls and the correctness of the password – the errors are excluded.

NovaIVR.Pass is the most optimal way of authorization using a mobile or landline phone. The function can be used to confirm various actions or as a two-factor registration stage.

This service is easily adaptable to the needs and infrastructure of the client.

Advantages of call authorization in comparison with SMS:

A telephone calls are always pass.
The 20% of all sent SMS do not reach the users or they have huge delay. You will increase the number of authorized users on 20%.

It saves your costs up to 50%.
The calls are twice cheaper than SMS. The price consists of the cost of the call, taking into account per second charging.

Payment only for the result.
Only answered calls are paid. Why do payment for the SMS which sent, but not delivered.

Protection from hacker attacks.
Incoming SMS-messages can be intercepted in networks in nine out of ten cases (89%).

How does NovaIVR.Pass work:


1. The user must enter the OTP password to authorize the operation in the banking system.


2. The banking system uses the API to send a password and a phone number to the NovaIVR.Pass system.


3. The user receives a call in which the voice is pronouncing a password, for example, the phrase is “this is an alpha bank, the access code is xxxx, repeat, the access code is xxxx”.


4. The user enters the password in the window for authorization.


5. The system NovaIVR.Pass sends the result of dialing (answered/ not answered) to the banking system for the ability to send SMS to a client who did not pick up the phone.

Service architecture: