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Customer survey through cloud IVR NovaIVR.Survey

The survey of both clients and employees satisfaction is the one from other main tasks in the vision of any type of business. The quality of products and services depends on satisfaction the staff with their work and company as well. In turn, this involves the customers and business partner’s satisfaction. As a result of the negative impact, the company’s profitability may be reduced. So, satisfaction is a key factor in keeping customers and creating consumer loyalty.

The satisfaction is achieved by meeting customer’s expectations with the real declared characteristics of the product or services. If the purchase does not meet his expectations, then the customer remains disappointed, and if the buyer’s expectations are justified, he feels satisfaction and the joy of buying. From his point of satisfaction depends his decision to new purchase and response about it among friends and acquaintances. So he can become the “evangelist of the brand”.

An unsatisfied customer reacts quite the contrary. He can refuse the goods, returning it to the store, or start looking for information that confirms the value of the brand. He can also write a complaint about the company or leave a negative review. Such customer will likely refuse to purchase the product again and share his dissatisfaction with friends and acquaintances. So you need tools to measure satisfaction. NovaIVR.Survey will help you automate this process to increase the efficiency of the company’s sales.

NovaIVR.Survey is a web-based service for managing IVR to communicate with subscribers (customers, partners, own employees) through the dtmf-set. The system supports creation and administration the IVR tree for various purposes – satisfaction surveys, etc. A customer satisfaction survey is getting feedback from your customers, how satisfied they are with the quality of products and services, and the level of service. Based on the assessment of satisfaction, the company determines which parties need to be improved. In the conditions of increasing competition between companies, the non-price indicators in the field of working with clients become a key point in attracting new customers and retaining their customers.

With the help of NovaIVR.Survey service you will get the feedbacks from the client quick and cheap. In this way, you will be able to shape a loyal customer. Loyal means his will be positive to company, always return to your company, spends the most part of your budget, brings friends to you, because he love your company!

This service is easily adaptable to the needs and infrastructure of your company.

Advantages of implementation the NovaIVR.Survey service for the company:

Increasing in the volume of repeat sales

Improving of the customer service quality

Reducing the cost of “returning goods”

Increasing profit

Only 2% of dissatisfied customers leave their complaints in the “Complaints and Suggestions Book”

Including of the satisfaction survey results into the company’s further development strategy

Identifying the level of satisfaction for a particular process, product, company service


Quality control of your product or service

The main functionality of the service:


Creation of the 1st IVR campaign with satisfaction survey


Using API for transfer the call results


Per-second charging


The command to dial goes through API


Telephony services for dialing to customers

The solution includes:


Setting up one campaign with a satisfaction survey


Setting up an API to initiate a call


Possibility to change sound prompts


Configuring the API to return results



The development of complex services (multilevel menus, complex routing, etc.) are coordinated and discussed separately


Flexible discounts in case of increased volumes