Smiddle Campaign Manager

Smiddle Campaign Manager – a software product for conducting and processing the results of large outbound campaigns in the Contact Center

What benefits can Smiddle Campaign Manager bring to your business?

You will get a maximun return on your outgoing campaigns in the call center by having a powerful instrument for planning ringing round campaigns and processing their results!Conducting outgoing campaigns in the call center requires special preparation in order to get a maximum return on ringing round the subscribers list. Whatever your aim is, let it be cold-calling for selling goods and services, or informing the existing customers, careful planning and making the ringing round as well as the results processing, contributes greatly to your success.

Smiddle Campaign Manager is the product which helps your business to conduct effective, high-quality ringing round campaigns, involving ringing round the subscribers databases.

Key functions of the module:


Flexible customization of subscribers’ data structure, using filters and segmentation, which is executed separately for every campaign


Creation of the specific structure of results in order to present the campaign outcome in the way convenient for you with the required data

Smiddle Campaign Manager extends Cisco Dialer functional, providing a range of useful functions, which allow to optimize and to create the right structure of the campaign effectively.

By using the product you will be able to:


Import and store the extended subscribers’ data with the possibility of customizing a special structure of subscribers’ data for every campaign separately


Form different batches of subscribers using filters and segmentation, for example, according to cities and other parameters


Form the ringing round lists for downloading them to Cisco Dialer out of batches of subscribers, using necessary filters


Customize, obtain and store the ringing round results including the data received from third party systems, such as Smiddle Agent Scripting


Export the subscribers’ lists with the ringing round results to Excel

Demonstration of results is also customized in a specific way, using filters and creating reports according to certain parameters, which are important for your business. For example, there is a possibility of obtaining the list of subscribers, with whom no connection was established, or the list of subscribers who are interested in buying the product, using filters with special result codes. The system provides possibility of fine tuning and has a number of intermediate functions.

Contact us to get more information about the product, test it, and discover all the benefits for planning and conducting your outgoing campaigns!