Smiddle Quality of Service

Smiddle Quality of Service is a product that will help You achieve
the perfect service in Your contact center

Achievement of good service is not an easy task

A high level of service quality and customer satisfaction is one of the key factors in creation of the strong business and good brand reputation. In a highly competitive environment, where dozens, and sometimes even hundreds of companies compete for customers, the achievement of a brilliant service is extremely important in the competitive struggle. In addition, solving a customer’s problem with the first call (first call resolution) can reduce the number of repeated calls, thereby significantly reducing the contact center’s operation costs and increasing customer satisfaction. Unfortunately, the achievement of the service level which you can pride yourself on, is not an easy task, due to a variety of reasons, such as poor selection and staff turnover, lack of training, experience and knowledge among agents, lack of motivation, insufficient control, operator fatigue and other factors.

It often happens so that lack of preparation of the agents, gaps in knowledge about the goods or services offered by the company, or inability to solve conflict situations, can lead to dissatisfaction of the client, their refusal to use services of the company or creation of unattractive image of the company. There can be a plenty of consequences, but all of them cause the loss of profit by the company. What is more, dealing with negative reviews and image of the company demands substantial expenses of time and money.

How Smiddle Quality of Service will help you improve the quality of client service

We propose to solve the task of monitoring and improving the quality of service in the contact center by using a special system. It provides a possibility to monitor and evaluate the work of agents and to generate reports providing a complete picture of the work of every agent and the quality of service in the contact center according to selected criteria. Smiddle Quality of Service allows you to effectively implement this control. In order to evaluate the agent’s work, a number of criteria are used. You create groups of criteria, choosing the criteria that are important for your business. Based on the results of the data received, decisions are made and actions are taken to eliminate shortcomings in work and encourage the best employees.

This product is used by contact center supervisors. Supervisors evaluate agents’ conversations with the help of special checklists, containing evaluation criteria, and the manager can receive reports on the work of agents at any time.

What you receive using Smiddle Quality of Service:


Control of the performance of every agent and contact center in general


Identification of the shortcomings of existing training of agents and monitoring of the effectiveness of trainings


Ability to identify and quickly address the gaps in the quality of the work of your agents


Improvement of the quality of service by using information received from QoS system and making managerial decisions


Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty


Decrease in operation expenses due to an increase in the first call resolution indicator

How does Smiddle Quality of Service work?

Automation of quality control and evaluation, which is the aim of this system, is based on the utilization of Quality Control Check Lists. Quality Control Check List (QCCL) consists of the list of quality evaluation criteria, united into groups. It is an instrument for data collection and their automatic ordering for facilitation of further utilization of the collected data.

A simplified scheme of the systems’ work can be demonstrated in the following way:

  1. Selection of the necessary criteria for assessment of the quality of service from the template (for example, politeness, lack of words-parasites, competence, etc.).
  2. Formation and approvement of checklists, according to which the agents will be assessed.
  3. Evaluation of conversations by the supervisor.
  4. Collection of statistics (period of time).
  5. Generation of reports.

Why is Smiddle Quality of Service a perfect solution for your business?

The product has a number of characteristics making it an excellent solution for quality control and obtainment
of the necessary data:

Ease of use

The work of the system is performed in such way that the quality control manager has to make minimal efforts, simply by setting up estimates for conversations by groups of criteria indicated in checklists.

Availability of the criteria directory

The system has a built-in criteria directory, in which the criteria are distributed among groups. You should just select the groups and criteria you want to use for evaluation of the quality of your agents’ work.


Getting all the necessary reports

The user of this system can get various detailed reports, demonstrating the level of performance of every individual agent according to different criteria and the rating of the contact center as a whole.

Possibility of setting weight to every criterion

Criteria have a different degree of importance, and the system makes it possible to take this into account, setting different weight to every criterion. For example, competence in technical matters can be regarded as more important than the speed of clarifying the problem of the client, etc.

Protection against manipulation of the evaluation

Once occurred, the assessment conversation, changes in estimates are forbidden to avoid possible manipulation.

Easy installation and support

Installation of the product does not require significant efforts of technical staff and takes minimum amount of time.

If you are faced with the task of monitoring and improving the quality of service in the contact center, Smiddle Quality of Service – is a perfect system that will easily help you to cope with this task!

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