Smiddle Recording

Smiddle Recording is a modern software solution for recording and storing conversations in the contact center

The necessity of recording conversations and the problem of data security

Recording of conversations with customers in the contact center is a prime task on the way of increasing the efficiency of the agents, monitoring and improving the quality of service. Without the analysis of conversation records, it is extremely difficult to get an idea of how well the agents work, how closely they follow the instructions and scripts of conversations, which employees need additional training, as well as about the degree of satisfaction of your customers. In addition, in the absence of records, difficulties arise in resolving disputable situations with clients, which can create serious troubles and a lot of unnecessary worries.

When using standard contact center software from Cisco, you are faced with the problem of the lack of data protection in Cisco Media Sense. The situation when the employees who do not have the appropriate rights and powers, have access to records, can lead to undesirable consequences for business.

Using this product, you are able to:


Record all conversations with customers


Monitor the quality of the agents’ performance


Effectively resolve disputable situations


Identify customer needs


Ensure high data security

Smiddle Recording is a software product designed to meet the business needs and challenges facing the business in the contact center. It is a complex, reliable, modern system for organizing interaction with Cisco Contact Center for the purpose of recording, listening, managing records, archiving and receiving call statistics. The system extends the functionality of Cisco Media Sense, providing data security (records of conversations with customers), converting records from mp4 to mp3, archiving data, as well as convenient search by parameters and filtering of records. The product is an additional software for Cisco Media Sense, and it works only paired with this system

Using Smiddle Recording, you can record all conversations of agents with the customers, which gives you the opportunity to monitor and improve the quality of service, identify gaps in the training of agents, improve the discipline of employees, resolve disputable situations and discover new ways to improve the effectiveness of the contact center. Flexible setting of access rights to the records of conversations provides high security of data, and archiving of records allows to save a lot of space on the server.

Having records of conversations, you can get a deeper understanding of the needs of your customers, which they speak about while communicating with managers, and analyze the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. Supervisors with the appropriate rights can listen to conversations, search records by parameters and criteria, and evaluate agents using Smiddle Quality of Service system. Identification of the agent in the system is performed using Smiddle Recording functional.

Functionality and features provided by Smiddle Recording:

Multiple search parameters

A convenient search system allows you to find the necessary data using various parameters. Searching for specific options, filtering, listening, listening with acceleration is the incomplete list of available functions for working with records. The convenience of working with the system makes interaction with it easy and efficient.


The system provides the ability to flexibly configure access rights to records for the protection and security of information.

Flexible access settings

Assigning user rights through roles. Flexible settings.

Archiving of data

All records are archived in special storages, which also have their settings. Technical staff cannot access data, which provides additional protection of information.

Multilingual web interface

The system is configured in such a way that the web interface information can be displayed in any language that the user needs.

API for integration with third-party systems

The possibility of integration with other systems using API.

Advantages of Smiddle Recording:


High data security


Data archiving


Reasonable price

The benefit you get from implementing the product

The introduction and use of the product will allow you to significantly improve the quality of service, increase the efficiency of agents and work discipline, better “hear” and understand your customers, cut costs, and, hence, increase profits. Discover the benefits of using Smiddle Recording for your business!

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