Smiddle Smart Callback

Smiddle Smart Callback – module for automatic routing of the call of the subscriber to the internal number of the employee in the company

Smiddle Smart Callback is a module that automatically routes a subscriber’s call to the internal number of the employee, who called the subscriber before. Thus, each customer’s call will be routed to the person to whom it is addressed. This will facilitate the prompt contact of the manager with the client and the achievement of your business goals.

Everyone knows the situation when in order to contact a certain employee in a bank or in any large company, it is necessary to dial a landline number. And to explain to the secretary, who exactly from the company in which hundreds of people work we want to talk to. Then we wait on the line, listening to pleasant music, after which, we will be connected to the person we need if this person is available at the moment. It is quite natural that such situations cause irritation and it happens so that after another attempt to call, the desire to contact the company disappears completely.

When a manager calls to potential customers calls existing customers offering new services, a large number of clients do not answer the call the first time. What happens later? The client notices the missed call, calls back to the number that has been displayed on his phone, and gets on to the secretary. The manager’s internal number has not been registered and there is no redirection to it. The secretary does not know who called the client. Quite an unpleasant situation, isn’t it? The manager does not receive a call and could bring the sale, and the customer is annoyed that he has made a call “to nowhere” and should explain why he is calling.

We offer a solution that fully eliminates the difficulties described above, simplifying communication between employees who have their own internal number, and customers.

The benefits you will get from using Smiddle Smart Callback:


Reduction of stress on the secretary


Increased likelihood of contact between managers and customers


Customer satisfaction enhancement


Convenience and comfort for customers and employees

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