Alternative channels – chat, Viber, web calls, Skype

Project prerequisities

Customers are increasingly using online channels of communication

Client access to services while roaming

New and preferred channels of interaction

Omnichannel Contact Center

The appearance of the Internet has led to a significant change in the ways of communication. Along with usual phone calls, the chat in Skype, social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, VKontakte) and instant messengers (Viber, Whatsapp, Telegram) become more and more popular. Alternative communication channels are very quickly gaining popularity and many companies became interested in these channels of communication with customers, but in order to make this process manageable and of high-quality, a specialized software is needed. On the other hand, software manufacturers for contact centers still did not fully integrate digital service channels into their products, because the core of the platform was created in a time when instant messengers were not yet popular. Today, most companies solve the problem in the simplest way – they install to one employee workplace a standard application of skype, viber, etc. and that dedicated specialist begins to work in the selected application. This method has several disadvantages:

· You can not serve more than one call on skype at the same time
· If the chat flow through viber is too big for one operator, there are no tools for the automatic chat distribution of messages among the others
· There is no way to automate the service and to use chat-bots to answer questions
· No supervisory tools – when operators came to work, when they had a break, any missed messages
· No reporting and quality control tools, – reporting of average talk time, possibility of correspondence monitoring, chat history, etc.

Using even an ordinary chat for customer service creates a lot of questions that are not appropriate to a phone call, for example, – how many chats can simultaneously be served by one agent, what are acceptable time norms for response and duration of the entire chat, how to automate services, how to calculate the required number of employees, and so on. Nevertheless, there are quite different requirements for the staff – if the operator is able to speak well, it does not mean that he will be able to write correctly without spelling errors or owns blind typing technique. For the modern online store or online banking the use of chat or web calls becomes a “must be” function.

Omnichannel service – when the client continues to communicate in another channel (for example, start chatting, and switches communication to the phone or vice versa) becomes a nightmare for the technological service department due to the lack of necessary tools.

To overcome the above mentioned technological limitations, NOVA IT Company has developed a number of products, which will be able to meet the needs of companies to serve customers in digital channels and can be easily integrated into existing telephony service infrastructure.

The modularity of our solutions allows our clients to start from simple, – live chat on site and to develop it up to all digital service channels. Nova.Chats

Web Call Center

Nova.Webcalls – calls from the site, a product that allows you to add on the site a ”make a call” button and system converts WEBRTC into SIP call. Customer needs only to have access to the Internet and a headset to start communication.
Nova.Skype – calls from Skype to the contact center. Customer can use Skype to communicate with the company, and the company is sufficient to have a contact center with SIP-enabled technology, our solution converts Skype into SIP, so Skype calls will have traditional contact center functions, -support of the call queue, the ability to press dtmf codes, queue, call recording, etc.
Nova.Chats – an innovative solution of NOVA IT company to serve customers in the messengers (Viber, Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram), as well as SMS, live chat on site etc. Agents don’t care about the channel- all falls into a single queue in single interface, and will be serviced by the same rules. API allows integrating digital channels with existing contact center platform, CRM system, etc.

Project objectives

Reduction of maintenance cost

Increase customer loyalty


Project results

One operator can handle 7 times more customers taking chat than calling

Reduced peak load operators, because chat does not require instantaneous response

Cost reduction for 0-800 services