Calls Recording

Project prerequisities

A large array of recorded calls

Lack of quality control

Quality management

Project objectives

Categorization of all calls based on the topics and searchable by keywords

Operational costs reduction

Business processes improvement

Project results

100% quality control

Reduction in average talk time of up to 9%

Reduction of pauses and silence in conversations up to 33%

Sales increase up to 14%

System of recording telephone conversations

Today normative requirements of public authorities and industry standards, questions of legal responsibility, and also practice of risk management were impel many organizations to conduct a record and archiving the data of the interactions of their personnel with clients. However, the maintenance of such information about contacts only partly solves the issue of compliance with norms and standards. It is important also to provide support, recognition, storage and selection of the information for control, data interpretation and business-analysis. To address such issues, modern complexes of recording conversations, recognizing speech and analyzing recorded data are used.

Implementation sector: finance and insurance, telecommunications, retail, dispatching services, contact centers, public authorities.

Decided tasks:

  • сontrol of the telephone conversations with customers or employees among themselves;
  • improving the efficiency of the company by assessing conversations and timely training of employees;
  • identification of operational issues requiring special attention and make important decisions through speech recognition and analysis of recorded data;
  • teaching the beginners and advanced training of operators by providing examples of recorded telephone conversations;
  • verification of the legality and provision of the recorded telephone conversations as evidence of third parties.

Today, many companies offer their customers the opportunity to resolve issues remotely, using as the main channel of communication -phone. This communication channel is an affordable and effective tool for solving a variety of problems in almost all areas. But along with availability of such channel, there is a very important task – to have “documentary” confirmation of such conversation, or specified agreements, pulled out claims, efficiency of work etc.
To resolve tasks of the “documenting” of the audio data are widely using systems with instruments of recording both audio and video from the screen of employee, quality management with estimation of the conversation, speech recognition and analytics.

Our solutions can also be used as a recording system for negotiations – audio or video conferences, conference calls, etc. The module for capturing screens will allow recording not only the voice, but also the image on the employee’s monitor, which will allow to evaluate the effectiveness of the actions of employees during work or to monitor the performance of applications (delay when opening forms, etc.).


  • Call recording system in IP-telephony environments;
  • Screen recording from the employee workplaces;
  • Quality evaluations, performance dashboard, and reports for improving efficiency of the company and customer loyalty;
  • Speech analytics and keyword search for quick decision-making;
  • Creating and providing training courses for employees;
  • Planning the work time to optimize workflow and performance of the company;
  • Distributed architecture of the solution.

NOVA IT Company has an extensive long-term experience of the implementation of such complicated complexes, and has a great experience of their integration with production systems of the customer’s enterprise.

What technologies do we use:

Why NOVA IT Company:


Tested methodology of the planning and deployment for complex projects with optimal timing of introduction;


Cooperation with world leaders of telecommunications solutions and solutions for call recording and speech analytics;


There are more than 15 implemented projects of recording systems, including screen recording and quality evaluation in domestic banks, insurance companies and public institutions;


Technical support and maintenance.