Contact centers

Why do you need a contact center?

It's necessary to reduce the number of branch offices

You want to change the structure from a 3-tier model to a 2-tier

You want to keep operating profit while reducing operating costs

You lose customers due to reduced presence in the regions

Main goals of the project are:

To have centralized provision of services without a presence in the region

To have reduced operational costs for processing calls

To reduce the waiting time for calls in the queue

To have omni-channel intelligent routing for voice, video, email and web chat media

To get automated outbound tools

Main goals of the results are:

Customized IVR voice menu with self services

Integration with third party systems on Agent Desktop

Complex call routing

What do we offer?

The implementation of a contact center in conditions of limited staff and financial resources allows you to raise the customer service to a new quality level, reduce the cost of processing customer requests and automate typical cases and, finally, free company personnel from routine operations.

Using the contact center platform from world industry leaders makes it possible to consolidate all of various channels of interactions into a single core.

Certified algorithms for outgoing calls allow you to repeatedly improve the efficiency of outgoing campaigns, and as a result, to raise the efficient of personnel and increase the number of payments on accounts etc.

Our experience shows that the introduction the alternative communication channels such as e-mail, SMS, web-chat allows you to reduce the load on the phone and get convenient way for interaction with customers in the suitable environment for them, increase the loyalty from existing and potential customers and make strength the authority of a growing company.
High quality level and control of customer service is one of the main advantages of the company over competitors in conditions of equal price and product quality on the market.


  1. Consolidation of various communication channels into a single processing point with intelligent routing depending on the subject, channel, time and geographic point of interaction.
  2. Automation the handling of typical calls and transferring them into Interactive Voice Response system.
  3. Optimization the speed of staff training for conversation with the clients due to tight integration with the company’s internal systems.
  4. Quality monitoring of customer service due to flexible statistics system and availability of various systems for recording conversations.
  5. There are many system add-ons such as voice analytics etc, which allow negativity management, reputation control and monitoring of customer service quality. Add-ons can bring effective customer feedback into your contact center.
  6. Optimization for staff management by creation optimal schedules and shift forecasts for employees, depending on the historical data.

Contact center from NOVA IT is not only a software solution from the vendor. We are engaged in the development, installation, integration and customization of software and hardware systems, and have a huge practice in the following:

  1. Full integration with the CRM-systems (unified operator workplace, data exchange between the Contact Center and CRM).
  2. Integration with debt collection systems.
  3. Integration the contact center IVR with the customer’s information systems in order to generate dynamically replay voice messages: automatic playback of account balances, arrears, exchange rates, money transfers, etc.
  4. Development and customization of the operator’s workplace for specific customer requirements, which are not included in the standard package.
  5. Development of custom reports and integration with third-party data sources for dashboards, monitors and other information boards.
  6. Innovative technologies – speech recognition and generation, voice analytics, voice biometrics, scheduling and forecasting for contact center.

Which technologies do we use: