WFM scheduling

Project prerequisities

Unbalanced load during the day

Underload or overload on the line

Quality monitoring of business processes for customer service

Project objectives

Build automation of forecasts and schedules

Optimal utilization of agents

Schedule adherence

Project results

Increase utilization of operators up to 15%

Increasing the level of adherence up to 92%

The lower employee turnover

Workforce Management

Among all costs of maintaining a contact center, staff costs are about 70%. Growing the load on the contact center can lead to an increase in the number of workplaces and simultaneously working operators, which means an increase in the cost of its maintenance.
The manager faces the task of balancing between two indicators:staff number and service level that is provided by contact center. On the one hand, an excess of staff leads to increased costs for the contact center and not always effective use of working time. On the other hand the lack of staff leads to lower service level and overtimes.

While planning the next factors brings more complexity in work
of supervisor and schedule planners:

  • frequent changes in the number of calls;
  • employees with different beginning working day;
  • work on holidays and weekends;
  • planning staff with partial and full employment;
  • multiple sites in contact center and operators with multiple skills.

WFM system is the automated system of management and analysis in contact center. WFM makes forecast for number of calls and other parameters of contact center, based on the historical data of contact center. Using this forecast WFM specifies the best schedule for staff, keeping the service level and reductions staff costs.

Implementation of the WFM system allows:

  • reduce costs for working time of the agents and administrators of the contact center;
  • reduce downtime of employees;
  • reduce the costs for communication;
  • increase the number of handling calls;
  • reduce the number of missed calls.

What technologies do we use: